Join my Google + community. Let’s band together and let the medical establishment know you reject their system of resolving chronic pain!

I just set up a Google + community called End Chronic Pain For Good!. If you are in chronic pain or know someone suffering, please join the community. The goal is to create a worldwide coalition of people to help abolish the existing medical model of diagnosing the cause of pain through the use of the MRI as the primary method to achieve a diagnosis. This leads 90 to 95% of people to the wrong diagnosis. This is why I can exclaim that in most cases chronic pain is the result of misdiagnosed acute pain.

This is your chance to band together and realize you are not alone in your inability to have your pain resolved. It is a systemic problem and it is global. Learn why you are not getting better. Communicate with others worldwide suffering with the same issues as you. Get the right information about what is causing your pain and how to resolve it. Just click on the link below and join this movement. Only together will we be able to change the system so the Yass method can be implemented as the primary method to diagnose and treat pain. This method diagnosis the tissue eliciting the symptoms being experienced by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms; the very way the tissue in distress is looking to create awareness of the distress it is experiencing. The method allows for all possible tissues to be identified including muscle which accounts for 95 to 98% of cases.

Join, learn and educate yourselves. It is your only chance to resolve your pain and reclaim your life.

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