Update on New York trip in July

Thank you to everybody that responded to the news that I was going to be in New York for the week of the 10th thru 14th in July to treat people through the use of the Yass method. Every single slot on the schedule was secured except for 2: Monday- 7-9 pm and Thursday 5-7 pm. If anybody is interested in taking one or both of these slots, please contact me at my email address: drmitch@mitchellyass.com. For those who were unable to get an appointment for this trip but are interested in getting treated, I have decided that I will be returning to New York in August the week of the 21st thru 25th, Monday thru Friday. I am so excited to say that people have already started signing up for this trip. If you think that you would benefit from getting treatment through the Yass method and want to make an appointment, please consider making it as soon as possible. It feels like the word of the method is getting out there through the media outlets that are presenting the method including the international magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You which I now write articles for and Bottom Line Health Inc which is a nationally based subscription newsletter and website for which I am one of their bloggers. I was just highlighted in Natural Awakenings magazine which just came out this month nationally.

Skype computer evaluations and treatments are also available for those who do not live in the tristate area. For those who are looking to receive treatment at my office in St. Augustine, Florida this is also a possibility. The very sad reality is that the Yass method is the only method that will allow the correct diagnosis to be achieved. There are certain irrefutable facts about pain that must be understood. Pain is an indication of a tissue in distress. The symptoms being experienced are actually being elicited by the tissue in distress as a way to create conscious awareness of the distress of the tissue. Once the correct tissue is identified and the distress resolved, the tissue no longer has to elicit the emergency signal of pain or altered sensation and the symptoms cease. Anybody who is being treated for their pain or altered sensation will never have the cause of the symptoms resolved because no tissue has been designated at the one eliciting the symptoms. Treating symptoms with epidural nerve blocks, cortisone shots, facet blocks, pain medication, radiofrequency ablation or rhizotomy is a path to terminal chronic pain. Chronic pain must be perceived at misdiagnosed acute pain. When a procedure including a surgery is performed to address a tissue such as a herniated disc, stenosis, pinched nerve, arthritis or meniscal tear and the same symptoms exist after the procedure you have no alternative but to assume that the wrong tissue was treated. If you think that the person that failed the first time is going to get it right the second time by using the same methodology you are setting yourself up for failure. The MRI is baseless. The idea of identifying structural abnormalities found on MRIs and asserting simply because they were identified at the time symptoms are being experienced as the cause of those symptoms is complete and utter insanity. The structural abnormalities existed for years or decades before the pain began. If an MRI were taken a year before your pain began the findings would be exactly the same. Muscular causes of pain do not show up on MRIs and there is no medical specialty educated or trained to identify them. They account for 95 to 98% of all cases.

The only true way to identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms being experienced is to interpret the presentation of the symptoms being experienced. The ability to identify all possible causes including structural or muscular, bone muscle or nerve can be achieved through this method and it is this method that stands at the center of the Yass method. If the cause is found to be muscular, then the only way to resolve the cause is through the use of targeted progressive resistance strength training. This means that only the muscles involved in creating the symptoms will be addressed. These muscles must be strengthened performing exercises that allow the muscles to be isolated. The muscles must be forced to adapt to greater resistances to make them stronger so they will not strain and create symptoms. This understanding of how to address muscle is unique to the Yass method and has been developed over a life time of personal experience and treating thousands of people. This understanding is not taught as a part of any medical curriculum.

If you are suffering or somebody you know or love is suffering from chronic pain it simply doesn’t have to be that way. The answer comes from getting the right information through the right diagnostic model to determine what tissue is eliciting the symptoms being experienced. If muscular, knowing how to resolve muscular deficits quickly and effectively. These are all the cornerstones of the Yass method. Get the method resolve your symptoms and reclaim your life. Share this post with anybody who wants their future back.


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