At what point does the system realize it is diseased?

Regardless of whether you seek medical treatment for chronic pain from a neurologist, orthopedist, chiropractor, physical therapist, rheumatologist, podiatrist, physiatrist, pain management doctor or anybody else in the medical establishment you will be getting the wrong information regarding the cause of your symptoms. It is not any one person’s fault. They all went to medical school and got the education they thought would help them achieve the goal of treating their patients effectively. They take their education and treat based on what they have learned. They are sadly naive to the fact that what they were taught is simply invalid.

You seek an answer to what is causing your symptoms and want relief. You are programmed to follow the path to one of these medical professionals and have faith that they are looking out for your best interests and are educated properly to achieve the goal of resolving the cause of your symptoms. You have been just as programmed as the medical practitioners you look to to resolve your symptoms. For 30 years you have been programmed to believe that the MRI finds the cause of your symptoms. You have been programmed to believe that herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, pinched nerves, meniscal tears and compression fractures are the cause of your symptoms simply because they were identified on a diagnostic test. For 30 years you have been programmed to believe that the mere identification of these structural variations requires an intervention. That these structural variations are the equivalent of cancer and require an intervention simply because they exist. So have the very medical practitioners deemed to be in a position to treat you. 130 million Americans suffer with chronic pain and roughly 1 billion worldwide. 22 million Americans are addicted to prescription pain medication. The medical establishment is allowed to coin the phrase “failed back surgery syndrome” to account for the fact that most people have the same symptoms after surgery that they had before surgery.

The medical establishment think they are doing the right thing because that is what they were educated and trained to do. All the failed surgeries, all the addiction, all the depression, all the suicides, all the evidence that the systemic use of the MRI to identify the cause of pain as being completely baseless and the system continues. You assume that the medical establishment must be doing the right thing because everybody in the establishment follows the same rules. This is simply not correct. The evidence proves this.

If you want any chance of establishing the cause of your symptoms and reclaiming your life, you must recognize that the answer must come from outside the establishment. The Yass method is the only method that promotes the idea of abolishing the MRI as the primary method for diagnosing the cause of pain. It is based on the premise that symptoms are part of the emergency protective mechanism in the body designed to create awareness when a tissue is in distress. The very tissue in distress emits a set of symptoms to help identify that tissue as the one in distress. Once identified, it is the tissue that requires the intervention. Once the distress of the tissue is resolved, the tissue no longer has to emit the symptoms and they cease. In 95 to 98% of cases, the tissue in distress is muscle. Only the Yass method can identify these types of causes. It is the only method in a position to resolve these causes through the use of targeted progressive resistance strength training.

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