3 emotions- hopelessness, frustration and anxiety- wonder how to end them and your pain?


Why you have hopelessness, frustration and anxiety with your pain

Do you experience hopelessness, anxiety and or frustration when it comes to unrelenting pain? Here is a chance to see that your best days are ahead of you. Get The Yass Method. It must be understood that these emotions do not stem from pain but the continued unknowing if it will ever end. If you are having these feelings the only way to stop them may be to take another direction then the one you are on.

Maybe the problem isn’t that you haven’t gotten the wrong treatment. Maybe it is that you haven’t gotten the right diagnosis. The Yass Method focuses on interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress eliciting those very symptoms. in more than 98% of cases the cause of pain is muscular and be resolved through isolated progressive resistance exercises.


How to rid the pain to end the hopelessness, anxiety and frustration

As I mentioned above, the key to resolving the pain to end the cycle of emotion of the pain being present indefinitely might come from getting a different diagnosis not a different treatment. For most, the diagnosis for the pain being experienced comes through the medical establishment and the use of diagnostic tests like MRIs and x-rays. These tests identify structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis or meniscal tears. Once identified at the time of the pain, it is asserted to be the cause of the pain; namely the tissue in distress emitting the pain.

This is known as correlative theory or junk science. It is actually baseless. To see this you would acknowledge that the MRI would show that a person has two elbows at the time of pain and therefore it can be asserted that having two elbows is the cause of the pain.

Conversely, studies back to 1994, show that people with no pain have the same structural abnormalities; in this case the study looks at people with no back and finding bulging and herniated discs. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejm199407143310201 Conclusion: On MRI examination of the lumbar spine, many people without back pain have disk bulges or protrusions but not extrusions. Given the high prevalence of these findings and of back pain, the discovery by MRI of bulges or protrusions in people with low back pain may frequently be coincidental.


This why you should consider The Yass Method as a new direction in diagnosing the cause of your symptoms. The Yass Method actually diagnosis by looking at the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress eliciting the very symptoms being experienced. All tissues create specific symptoms. For instance the heart creates pain at the left chest and arm; the kidney creates pain at the lower back, the lung creates pain in the upper back. The relationship of the tissue to the location where it creates pain helps to identify the cause of the pain (the tissue in distress eliciting the pain).

Bone, muscle and nerve works exactly the same. A Yass Method evaluation can help identify which of these tissues is creating your symptoms. Diagnostic tests often find structures that exist but are not causing the pain and also can’t identify muscular causes. This is what separates The Yass Method as your best chance to identify the cause of your pain thereby ending the emotions associated with not knowing whether the pain will ever end.

The best news is The Yass Method can be performed and utilized virtually by getting a Yass Method zoom session. You can be treated in the comfort of your own home at a time that you choose. You simply have to click on the link to the zoom sessions page of the website. Check out how the sessions work and what you can expect and when you are ready schedule a zoom session at a time that is most convenient for you. www.livewithoutpains.com/sessions/

If you have any questions regarding The Yass Method and whether this could be the right path for you going forward, feel free to contact me by email: drmitch@mitchellyass.com

If you want to learn more about The Yass Method, please check out my YouTube channel, Dr Mitchell Yass. There is great free content that explains how The Yass Method can be used to resolve pain from head to toe. https://www.youtube.com/c/DrMitchellYass


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