The Yass Method: The 1 thing between your pain and a joyful life. You’ll never guess what it is.


Chronic pain is mostly associated with getting the wrong diagnosis

The one thing keeping people in pain is their diagnosis. Getting the wrong diagnosis means all treatments going forward are not addressing the actual tissue in distress eliciting the pain being experienced. For most a diagnosis is derived by getting a diagnostic test such as an MRI. It’s finds structural variations such as herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis or meniscal tears.


It is asserted that since the structural variation is identified at the time of the pain it is the cause of the pain. This is simply baseless and evidence proves this to be completely invalid. Chronic pain is almost exclusively the result of misdiagnosis. People continue to seek alternative treatments not realizing that they’re not treating the right tissue because the diagnosis is not accurate.

End your cycle of pain by getting the right diagnosis


The Yass Method establishes the tissue in distress by evaluating the symptoms being experienced. There is a direct relationship between the symptoms being experienced and the tissue eliciting those symptoms. Whether muscle, nerve or bone each tissue creates a specific set of symptoms. The Yass Method has shown that and more than 98% of cases the cause of pain is muscular even when structural variations were identified on an MRI. Addressing the muscular deficits led to being pain-free and fully functional.

This is your chance to get the right diagnosis and the path to a joyous, fully functional life. To learn more about The Yass Method go to: If you have questions regarding whether The Yass Method is the path you need to take, you can email me at:

The best news about the Yass Method is that it can be obtained and utilized virtually through a Yass Method zoom session. The sessions are performed throughout the day and night so a time that works for most can be achieved. You can click on the link to go to the zoom sessions page on the website. You can learn more about how the sessions work and what to expect and then when you are ready you can make an appointment for your very own Yass Method zoom session.

Getting the right diagnosis gets the right treatment for your pain

As noted in more than 98% of cases the cause of pain is muscular. You can know that for sure if you associated the bringing on or intensifying of your pain from performing an activity or task. The tissue responsible for performing the activity or task is muscle. ultimately the force output of the muscles performing the task are less then the force requirements of the activity being performed. This is why the muscles strain and emit pain.

By performing the correct progressive resistance exercises which is at the core of The Yass Method, you will strengthen the “specific” muscles responsible for creating your symptoms. If the cause is muscle and you are treating structural variations found on an MRI you can see how the cause remains and the muscles continue to strain and emit pain.

The primary way muscles emit pain is either they strain and emit pain, you develop muscle weakness or imbalance and this creates a misalignment of joint surfaces of the joint the muscles attach to creating pain at a joint, muscles can refer symptoms just as nerves can when they strain and muscles can impinge on nerves which then refer symptoms. These four means account for more than 98% of cases of pain.

If you think this sounds like the circumstance you find yourself in then reach out and get the Yass Method. Erase the 1 thing between your pain and life of happiness and an ability to do what you want when you want.

To learn more about The Yass Method, check out my YouTube page, Dr Mitchell Yass for great free content about how The Yass Method can resolve pain from head to toe.

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