It’s gravity, not a herniated disc causing your pain!

The system is telling you the cause of your pain is some structural variation like a herniated disc. They perform surgeries to correct it and yet you still have pain. They do more surgeries and yet you still have pain. They tell you its now not the first structural variation, it is another one at a different joint. You get surgery at the new joint and you still have pain. You get another surgery and you still have pain. Eventually you are told to try burning your nerves or severing them. You still have pain. You are told to take prescription pain medication and you still have pain and now you are addicted to that medication for good measure. At some point somewhere about a decade’s worth of time down the road, you are told there is nothing left that can be done for you and you still have pain INDEFINITELY!

At what point will the system finally recognize this is happening for a reason. The pain is not coming from those structural variations. Everybody knows somebody who has had surgery and still has pain. The false premise is that the MRI is identifying the cause of pain by identifying structural variations. These have existed for years if not decades before you had pain so how can anybody in good conscious attempt to correlate the finding of a structural variation to pain? THIS WILL NOT STOP! YOU ARE SUBJECT TO THIS HAPPENING TO YOU! YOU MUST DECIDE IF YOU WANT A DIFFERENT SCENARIO AND OUTCOME!

The cause of most people’s pain is gravity. It exists and affects us all. It is there from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Any activity or task you perform is created against gravity. You must create force to perform your activities or tasks. If you do not have enough strength in all the appropriate muscles, one will strain and emit pain or cause another to compensate and emit pain or refer a symptom or strain and impinge on a nerve that refers a symptom or cause misalignment of the joint surfaces that the muscles attach to and cause joint pain. Accept this as your cause and understand which muscles are not working. Until you correct the equation in which the force requirements of your activities is greater then the force output of your muscles, YOU WILL HAVE PAIN! This is the guiding principle of the Yass method. Get the Yass method or stay with the existing model and STILL HAVE PAIN! email:

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