Did herniated discs exist before the MRI?

You are being coerced to believe that the MRI is finding the cause of your pain such as herniated disc, stenosis, pinched nerves or meniscal tears. The MRI was created in the 1980s. The simply question i have for everybody is did herniated discs exist before the MRI was created?
Is it to be thought that some weird gravitational force or even global warming is the reason for the rise of the herniated disc or any of these other structural variations? They just happen to begin just at the time they were able to be identified? Or have they existed throughout the history of mankind which would make a lot more sense. And if they existed before the MRI and could not be undetected then why didn’t 80-90% of the population which can be proven to have these structural variations have pain before the establishment of the MRI? Why didn’t the number of people having pain plummet once these structural variations could be identified and treated if they are causing pain? Why wasn’t the number of people addicted to prescription pain medication astronomic before the MRI and almost completely nonexistent after?
Almost every person’s life has been harmed by the fact that this is completely baseless. If you are in pain, you can expect to have chronic pain or be addicted to prescription pain medication for as long as you accept this method. If you have been affected like millions with the failed health care insurance system, this is the reason. This has led to unnecessary and invalid costs which busted the bank of health insurance leading to its collapse. The issue of health insurance will never be resolved until this method is ended.
i defy anybody to prove that this position is incorrect. This is not a medical challenge to the use of the MRI which can clearly be also shown. This is a pure logical evaluation that shows that what can be seen in real history proves that the use of the MRI and the preposition that structural variations are the cause of pain is insane and beyond the pale of any logic. Unless you take a role in ending this, it will remain.

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