The last slew of emails I received truly shows that you just don’t understand the medical system and why you cannot have your pain resolved. Your emails are exactly the same in description of what happens to you and the same sense of surprise and dismay at the end when you are left in chronic pain. You just don’t get that the method is a self fulfilling prophecy that leads you to chronic pain. Let me describe the typical path that happens to somebody and see if this describes your exact situation. To start you have pain and you finally decide you can’t live with it anymore so you seek medical attention. You see a primary care physician, a chiropractor, a neurologist or an orthopedist as your initial contact. In almost all cases, the practitioner will recommend getting a diagnostic test; either an x-ray or an MRI or both. The reason is that they require these tests to help determine the cause of your symptoms. The findings of the test return and you are told that you have a pinched nerve, stenosis, arthritis, a meniscal tear, you are bone on bone, have a compression fracture and an assortment of other structural variations. Because this is identified for the first time when you have pain, the assertion is made that this is the cause of the pain. You are now given medication, maybe a cortisone shot, epidural nerve block or maybe you will get some chiropractic care or be sent to physical therapy. This portion of the cycle is to calm your fears. You need to feel that the medical practitioner treating you is a conservative person. They would never want to rush into surgery so all options must be exhausted. So the medications may reduce your pain or may not. If it is does it is only temporary. The physical therapy is usually of no value and the chiropractic care either makes the symptoms worse or decreases them for a short period of time.

Months go by and you are still suffering with pain. You may get multiple diagnostic tests. You may be sent to various types of medical specialists but at the end of the day you are still in pain. And what is waiting at the end of the trail; surgery. Let’s be very clear here. The overwhelming number of people who get surgery only get it because it was set up in a situation that presents it as a last resort. Nobody goes into surgery saying I see the rationale for this and I am fully on board and am willing to get it immediately. Even the medical specialists themselves are not confident about the possible results. They tell you things like you have to tell me when you can’t take your pain any longer and then we will do the surgery. Or there is a 30% chance the symptoms will get better, a 30% chance it will get worse and a 30% chance it will stay the same. Then there are the scare tactics being employed. You have to get this surgery or you will be paralyzed. The reality is that you only get surgery because you are under the assumption that there is no alternative.

This is usually the place where people are now getting panic stricken. They have little confidence the surgery will resolve their symptoms. They have heard horror stories from family members, friends or co-workers about the results of these surgeries. They just don’t want to take a chance so they go on the internet and start searching for alternative solutions. That is when they find the Yass method. It is either at this point they go into search mode or the other more depression moment when they got the surgery and the worst of what they suspected came true. They either have the same pain or it is worse. If this doesn’t sound like the scenario that you find yourself in I would shocked. You all end up here because it is a destined to occur just by entering the medical system. Let’s evaluate how you got here and I will show you why you were getting to this point with almost absolute certainty.

Let’s start from the very beginning. You entered the medical system by seeing one of the medical practitioners I mentioned. What you don’t realize is that the system is completely splintered. So that specialist you are seeing is only able to identify a particular type of tissue that could cause pain. The neurologist is always going to tell you the cause of your pain is from the spine or nerves. The orthopedist only looks at the structures of joints. A chiropractor will always tell you your problem is your spine. So you diagnosis is simply going to be based on the specialist you see. If the cause of your pain is outside the area of specialty of the practitioner you are seeing, it will never be diagnosed. Now let’s take that information and add onto that that the way you will be diagnosed through the use of an x-ray or MRI. You may not understand this but these tests find structural variations. This is whether you are in pain or not, have blond hair or brown, whether you are 5 foot tall or 6 foot. So simply performing an MRI it will find a structural variation. If I asked you do you think a person 60 or above has some type of arthritis in their body, I would think you would acknowledge that there is a high probability of this. So do you think that arthritis only exists when that person is in pain or would the arthritis exist even when they don’t have pain? The answer is they have it all the time just like herniated discs, pinched nerves, meniscal tears and the alike. The scam of the diagnostic test is that it is always taken when the person is in pain so of course the structural variation is always found when the person is in pain and therefore the assertion is made that it is the cause of the pain. But if the diagnostic test were taken before the person had pain the results would be identical. How do you know this because studies have been done on people without pain and they have been found to have the same exact structural variations in the same percentages as those with pain. The other part of this which guarantees an improper diagnosis is the fact that you have been cultural programmed to believe that if a structural variation is identified it must require treatment. If you knew that as many people without pain had the same structural variations as those with pain what makes you think the variations require treatment. All those people living with them don’t need treatment? Right? You wouldn’t want a person who has no pain but an identified structural variation to get surgery I hope. So you get a diagnosis that is always structural in nature and is specific to the specialist you saw.

You are already coerced into believing this is the cause of your pain. Here comes the next catch. You are told to try some type of conservative treatment like physical therapy. You try it and it doesn’t do anything and you are disappointed and also moving toward the idea that surgery may be the only option because therapy didn’t work. Here’s what you are missing. A physical therapist is not required to confirm or refute the medical diagnose given by the referring physician. So if you go to physical therapy with the diagnosis of pinched nerve then you will be treated for a pinched nerve or arthritis or a meniscal tear; whatever the referring diagnosis was. The thing here is that if the cause of your pain was a structural variation only surgery can resolve that. So what is the purpose of the physical therapy. There is nothing purposeful about it. It is not addressing a tissue in distress because the one that is supposedly causing your symptoms couldn’t be resolved through physical therapy. So you waste a few weeks or months and your pain worsens.

Your still having your pain after all the conservative treatments, medications and specialists and you are either going to get a surgery you don’t think will work or you are going to try to find a way to live the rest of your life with pain. Tell me this isn’t your story? I am sorry to say I have a lot of confidence it is. You need to understand something about pain if you are to ever resolve it’s cause. Pain is an indication of a tissue in distress. The goal of diagnostics is to identify the tissue in distress and then perform the correct intervention to resolve the distress. Once resolved, the tissue no longer has to emit the emergency distress signal of pain and it ceases. By definition of you are having chronic pain it can only occur do to one issue; misdiagnosis. Pain should never be more than acute. So what you need to understand is that muscle has the highest probability of being the tissue in distress because you can associate the creation of or increase in intensity of your pain to performing specific activities. It is muscle that is responsible for creating function. What do you don’t know is that muscular causes will not show up on diagnostic tests and there is no medical specialty educated or trained to identify these causes. I have proven that in more than 95% of cases of pain or other symptoms the cause is muscle. What this means is that you have at least a 90% chance of being misdiagnosed by going to the medical system to have your pain diagnosed and treated. It is as I said a self fulfilling prophecy that you end up with chronic pain. If I have described everything that leaves you in chronic pain today then I suggest making a change and getting the Yass method. It is the only method that interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify which tissue is in distress eliciting the very symptoms being experienced. It is so sad that people with suffer for years and then get the Yass method and see that the cause of their pain is muscular and with just a few exercises their pain can be resolved and their function fully returned. Why wait any longer. To make an appointment or to get further information, please contact me at my email address:

Please share this with anybody suffering with chronic pain. They have the right to know why they are suffering and how to end it.

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