The Yass Method returns to Manhattan in February

January is always a slow month with people recovering from the holidays. So it was not a surprise that a trip to Manhattan in January did not occur. But now it is time to look forward and see an end to your chronic pain. I will be in Manhattan the week of February 19th thru 23rd, Monday thru Friday to provide the Yass method to diagnose and treat the cause of your pain. This is a chance for those in the Northeast to have the opportunity to get the Yass method in-person. The sessions are 2 hours long and are one-on-one. The times for treatment run from 9 am to 9 pm so there should be a time that is good for everybody. 

If you are suffering with chronic pain there is something you simply don’t understand. Chronic pain should never exist. It only exists due to misdiagnosis. Pain is elicited by a tissue in distress at the inception of distress of the tissue. If the proper tissue is diagnosed and treated then the emergency distress signal of pain is no longer needed and it ceases in the acute stage. The only reason pain would continue to be emitted is if the wrong tissue is identified and treated leaving the distress tissue to continue to elicit pain. I am not sure how anybody could see the issue of chronic pain anymore clearly. The only question that must be asked is how can so many people be misdiagnosed to lead to an epidemic of chronic pain. The answer is without question the MRI. It is the primary method that a diagnosis is derived. It will find a structural variation like a herniated disc, stenosis, arthritis, meniscal tear, “bone-on-bone” and similar findings. Since these structural variations are identified at the time you are having pain the assertion is made that it is causing the pain. If you remember that pain is elicited at the inception of distress of a tissue that would mean that the moment before you had your pain, the structural variation identified did not exist. This is pure insanity. The scam of the system is that the first MRI is always taken at the time of pain. If the MRI were taken months or a year prior to the pain the results would still be identical because the structural variation is slow and progressive in nature taking years to develop. You can also see the fact that pain does not exist when structural variations by looking at the studies that show as many people without pain have the same structural variations as those with pain. If these structural variations cause pain how do they exist in the majority of people who have no pain?

You simply don’t realize that you have been programmed to believe that these structural variations upon identification require an intervention. That simply because they are identified they require a treatment just like cancer. If this is so why is the failure rate for back surgery over 70% and why did the medical establishment have to create the diagnosis “failed back surgery syndrome” to account for all those with the same pain after back surgery as before? I am very sure it is hard to believe that an entire medical system can be wrong about a method it employs in such high levels to so many people. But the facts are clear. If you have been suffering with chronic pain for years and you have seen all the specialists and received all the treatments, why are you still in chronic pain other than the tissue in distress has not been identified and treated properly. If you are being given opioids or other forms of drugs to mask your symptoms, why would the medical system do that? The only reason is because the tissue in distress cannot be properly identified and treated so the only alternative left is for them to try to mask your symptoms. If you have been told there is nothing else that can be done for you and you will have to live with pain for the rest of your, why do you think that is? The system is incapable of identifying the tissue in distress and resolving the distress of the tissue. You may have been given the sense that something is wrong with you but that is simply not the case. And those that are trying to treat you, don’t even recognize the inherent failings of the system. They just keep doing what they are educated and trained to do.

So if you are ready to get the right tissue identified and treated, it is time to get the Yass method. The Yass method works by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify which tissue is in distress and eliciting the very symptoms being experienced. Whether bone, nerve or muscle, each creates a very specific set of symptoms which can be clearly understood to identify which tissue is eliciting them. Over 25 years of treating thousands of people I have proven that in more than 95% of cases the tissue in distress is muscle. This is great news for you because this means that you can then have control over resolving the cause of your symptoms. You just have to perform a series of targeted progressive resistance exercises to isolate and strengthen the muscles responsible for creating your symptoms. This type of strengthening cannot be found in any medical specialty or in the fitness field.

If you want to make an appointment for treatment or have further questions, please contact me at If you are not in the northeast but are still looking for treatment at my office in St. Augustine, Florida or you would like to try a Skype computer session to get the right diagnosis and treatment, please contact me as well.

You will never resolve your pain if you don’t understand why you are being misdiagnosed. It is the system and not you. You need to understand your symptoms to understand which tissue is creating. This is exactly how the body works and it is at the core of the Yass method.

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