Why wake up tomorrow in pain? Try something new when what you have been doing isn’t working!

So many people continue to suffer in pain, 130 million adult Americans and roughly 1 billion worldwide. For so many the idea of waking up tomorrow means the same feeling of hopelessness that was felt today will continue. Those who have been passed along to pain management or procedures like radiofrequency ablation (burning nerves) or rhizotomy (severing nerves) cling to the hope that these techniques will simply minimize their pain to the point of being tolerable so they can just get through the next day. There is no longer a hope that the cause of the pain will be identified, address and the need for pain to be elicited ended. There is no chance for a return to the normalcy that once was of waking up feeling good with the whole day ahead to explore what life has to offer. No chance of sharing love with family and friends free to express emotion without the overhang of depression about their everlasting pain. No sense that the simple things that other people take for granted like being clear minded enough to see a sunrise or sunset and appreciate it.

The existing medical model of diagnosing and treating pain holds little hope for a future free of pain because it simply evolves around a technology that simply does not find the cause of pain. The splintered system of specialists only taught to identify one particular tissue like the neurologist always finds nerves, or the orthopedist finding joint structures or the rheumatologist always finding arthritis also contributes to an almost guaranteed chance for misdiagnosis. The creators of the MRI and those that believe in its value are not bad people. They think they are doing the right thing. The same can be said for specialists who don’t see the fact that they can only identify one type of cause pain and yet there are many other. Unfortunately for now this is the system that is in place and this is all the options typically suggested to you when you are in pain and seeking medical assistance.

What you need to understand is that all the evidence points to the fact that the system is completely invalid. 22 million Americans alone addicted to prescription pain medication, the fact that the medical establishment had to create a diagnosis of “failed back surgery syndrome” to account for so many still having the exact pain if not worse after surgery, the numbers of those suffering from chronic pain continue to balloon over 130 million in the US alone, the cost of treating chronic pain now nearing 700 billion dollars a year, more then the cost of treating cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes combined. Just look around you and see all you know who have had surgery to the neck, back, hip or knee and are now worse then before the surgery. There is no evidence to point to that says this method is effective and working.

The Yass method is completely different then the existing medical model. It has created an understanding of pain in the way that the body elicits pain. Most people would agree that the body elicits pain because a tissue is in distress and requires help. The pain is an attempt to create awareness of the distressed tissue. The goal of eliciting is to perform an intervention to address the distress of the tissue. Once this is resolved there is no longer a need to elicit the pain signal and it simply ceases. There should be no question that this is how the body works and this is why the body is eliciting pain. The key is to be able to interpret the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress. Nobody is confused about getting pain at the chest and left arm as being a signal of distress of the heart and that an intervention is needed to resolve the distress of the heart leading to the end of the pain. The same can be said for tissues that exist at the neck, the back and extremities. The symptoms are specific whether the tissue is a bone, nerve or muscle. The Yass method can interpret your symptoms to identify the right tissue. It turns out that in more than 95% of cases the tissue is muscle.

There is actually a good answer as to why in most cases the tissue in distress is muscle. That is because in most cases the cause of pain relates to the inability of all the muscles requires to perform your daily activities against the force of gravity. Even the simplest of activities like standing, walking, climbing stairs or even prolonged sitting requires muscles to create force against gravity. If all the muscles responsible are not able to create the required force, they strain and elicit pain and cause other muscles to try to compensate and strain eliciting pain or they can cause the joint surfaces of the joints they attach to to become misaligned and create joint pain. Most cases of pain are associated with a muscle strain eliciting pain at the site of the strain, a muscle referring symptoms through trigger points or a muscle straining and impinging on a nerve that refers symptoms.

There is no question that is hard for the typically person to believe that there is a systemic problem with how the medical community diagnoses and treats pain. My goal is to make it less a sense of wonder and more a conclusion based on facts. Most people develop relationships with their physicians so it is hard to imagine that they don’t know what to do. No one denies the passion or interest in any medical practitioner wanting to see their patients get well. The problem lies in the educational system that continues to promote theory that is invalid. My intent is not to make you simply say you should use the Yass method because I am telling you to. Quite the opposite. I would never want anyone to use it without having a full understanding of how it works and why it is so correct in how it identifies the correct tissue. The fact is that the system is really using the body’s indicators of which tissue is creating the symptoms being experienced just the way the body is trying to create the symptoms to help identify the right tissue. The reality is after over 2 decades of treating people who have had morphine pumps and spine stimulators implanted needlessly, thousands of people up to the 80s become addicted to prescription pain medication for no reason of their own, see depression destroy families and watch people lose jobs, you kind of feel that you have to do whatever you need to to stop this cycle from continuing. I have been able to give a lot of people a chance to see tomorrow with no pain and a clear site to the future and that is my wish for all who continue to suffer with chronic pain. Please learn about the Yass method.

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