Ft Lauderdale: It’s time to get the right diagnosis and the right treatment!

Chronic in almost all cases is nothing more than misdiagnosed acute pain. Getting the right diagnosis means identifying the correct tissue eliciting the symptoms being experienced. If you’ve been diagnosed through the MRI you have a 90% chance of being misdiagnosed. Till now you are confused by why after all the treatments and practitioners you have seen you are still in pain. It is clear, the wrong tissue has been treated and treated and treated again.

A back muscle that has strained and elicits pain at the back will not show up nor will it be treated. A muscle imbalance between the front thigh muscles and back thigh muscles leading to the front thigh muscle pulling excessively on the knee cap causing it to become compressed excessively and eliciting pain will not be diagnosed. A rotator cuff strain causing the arm bone to rise when moving the shoulder and creating pinching of the bicep tendon in the shoulder joint causing pain will not be diagnosed. A strained gluteus medius muscle which sits above the hip joint and is responsible for supporting you and achieving balance creating pain near the hip joint will not be diagnosed. More than 95% of cases of pain are muscular in nature just like these and will never be diagnosed because they don’t show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialist educated or trained to identify the them.

The Yass method ignores diagnostic test findigs as being invalid. It interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the correct tissue eliciting those symptoms just as the body wants it to be done. The body creates pain at the chest and left arm to identify the heart as being in distress. The neck, the back and the extremities works the same. The key is to properly identify the symptoms as they are presented by the body. That is the cornerstone of the Yass method. It also has a theory as to why most people have pain.

This is your chance to get the right diagnosis and therefore the right treatment. I am in Ft Lauderdale the week of January 30th-February 3rd, Monday-Friday. Don’t miss this chance to get treated through the Yass method. To learn more about the method go to my website at www.mitchellyass.com, my youtube page at dr mitchell yass or facebook page at dr mitchell yass. The more you learn the more you will convinced that the Yass method is pure and irrefutible.

If you are interested in making an appointment for treatment or would like a 1-2 hour lecture at a medical facility interested in learning how to use the Yass method to properly resolve your patient’s symptoms, please contact my wife Lisa at her email address: treesoflife904@gmail.com. She makes all appointments for me and can answer any questions you have.

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