Getting the wrong diagnosis is probably worse then not getting treated at all!

If you use the MRI to identify the cause of your pain, you have a 90% chance of being misdiagnosed. That means the tissue responsible for elicting the symptoms being experienced will not be treated. The wrong tissue will be. That means every treatment, procedure including surgery, medication and medical specialist visit will do nothing to resolve the cause of your symptoms. All because the tissue responsible for eliciting your symptoms was not properly diagnosed. That is why it is clear that in almost every case CHRONIC PAIN IS NOTHING MORE THAN MISDIAGNOSED ACUTE PAIN!.

You have to begin to see things for that they are. I know this is hard and difficult to accept. But if you look at the facts, it makes it easier to see things for what they are. If pain is an indication of a tissue in distress and treatment is provided to address the supposed tissue eliciting the symptoms and the symptoms continue or are worse after the treatment, then clearly the wrong tissue has to have been treated. Regardless of the reasoning provided by any medical practitioner, the fact is clear and unambiguous. That is why you need the Yass method as the only method capable of diagnosing the correct tissue eliciting the symptoms being experienced. It interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to properly identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms. This is exactly what the body is looking for. It is trying to create specific symptoms to help identify the tissue that is in distress. Just like giving you pain at the left chest and arm to point to distress of the heart. The neck, back and extremities work the same.

There is no reason to live with chronic pain other than getting misdiagnosed over and over again. When all potential causes of pain cannot be identified by the diagnostic test method used or medical specialists with very splintered understandings of singular causes, it cannot be hard to understand why millions are still suffering. The Yass method stands outside the existing system. It has its own theory as to why people suffer from pain and a clear and logical understanding of how to use the body’s natural means of providing symptoms to identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms. The time to end your pain is now and reclaim your life!   email me at

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