A blind man cannot see a pot of gold in front of his face !

For more than two decades I have shown that the existing model of utilizing the MRI as the primary mechanism to diagnose the cause of pain is completely invalid. Scientific evidence has proven study after study that this is the truth.  Empirical data indicating failed treatments and procedures to address pain noted by the epidemic rise in those suffering from chronic pain and the overwhelming use of narcotic pain medication to mask symptoms versus resolving the cause of pain is further indication of this failure.

And right in front of everybody’s face is the Yass method. A method which ignores the use of diagnostic tests to identify the cause of pain and focuses on the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms along with some simple physical tests to establish what tissue is eliciting the symptoms. This is the exact mechanism the body intended to be used to identify a tissue in distress  so that conscious awareness of the distress of the tissue could be created and an intervention performed to resolve the distress of the tissue. Especially if the tissue is muscle which it is in more than 95% of cases, the Yass method is the only method designed to identify this potential course.

Clearly the medical establishment has decided to go on an alternative path based on the entrenched interests of those who benefit from developing diagnostic test findings and causes of symptoms.  For without diagnoses like herniated disc’s, stenosis, arthritis, meniscal tears and rotator cuff tears what would the medical establishment do? What procedures could be performed? What medications could be used? What surgeries could be performed?

The fact is that the system is failing around the globe. And right in front of their eyes sits a system completely entrenched in logic and theory. Clinical indicators and empirical data prove that the Yass method of interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms identifies the    tissue eliciting the symptoms at a success rate that can only be described as geometrically superior to the existing medical model.

My suggestion to those who are seeking an answer as to why they continue to suffer after months and years of treatments and procedures from medical practitioners who clearly are incapable of diagnosing the cause of the symptoms, is to go beyond the blind man. The Yass method is the pot of gold that sits in front of the blind man who is the medical establishment.  You need to seek this answer and find your path to symptom resolution and full return of function.

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