Being one amongst all others does not make me wrong

I think one of the concerns people have in wanting to utilize the Yass method is that I am the only one promoting its validity while the majority of the medical establishment continues to promote the failed system of using diagnostic tests to identify the cause if pain. Think of these names Magellan, Gallileo,Copernicus, Einstein. All had unique views in their area of expertise which contradicted the existing model of thought at that time and yet were proven to be correct through science and time.

This is another one of these moments. Science has shown the Yass method to be the only true method for diagnosing and treating chronic pain. It is now just a question of when it becomes the standard of care so all have the chance to benefit from it and chronic pain can be abolished. Embrace it although it is new. Learn the method and see it for it’s logical process for identifying the true cause, the true tissue eliciting the pain. Don’t live in pain just because the majority of the establishment say something is valid when all of science proves that the Yass method is your only chance to resolve the cause of your pain.

The system will not change for you. You will have to change the system!

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