My new internet radio show is arriving- Stop Your Pain Now, The Yass Way!

It’s coming! My new internet radio show, Stop Your Pain Now, The Yass Way!. The show will air on blog talk radio. To hear the show, become a follower,receive updates or leave comments, go to The show will be a chance for you to hear about how the Yass Method can resolve your pain by properly diagnosing the cause. The show is a call in format so listeners will be able to call in and ask questions that i will answer live on air. I think this is a great format as so many people have similar causes of pain so if i discuss a caller’s issues, it will answer many of the listeners same questions.

The show is starting as a half hour show with the first episode airing on June 27, Monday at 6 pm est. I will start with a half hour weekly show and then increase it to an hour a week and then multiple times a week based on the demands of the listenership. I want you to consider this your show. You need answers as to how to resolve your pain and the Yass method can give you those answers. I want to be as accessible to people as possible and this makes that happen worldwide.

Listen and learn. Tell friends and family that they now have an outlet to get their questions answered as to how to resolve their pain and live a pain-free fully functional life. Join the revolution. The system will not change for you. You are going to have to change the system.

Best wishes,

Dr. Yass

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