Aspercreame — Back pain from “Irritated Nerves”

The latest Aspercreame commercial promotes the idea that the cause of back pain is “irritated nerves”. This is complete insanity with zero scientific backing. It feeds into the cultural created premise that pain is from nerves. This is simply insane. When you are suffering from pain due to a kidney stone, is someone going to attempt to say that a nerve travels through the kidney emitting the pain? If so, I need to go back and relearn my anatomy. How about pain from a heart attack. Again I assume if I open the heart I will find a nerve passing through it. What about appendicitis, a hang nail or a dry lip? I guess if I look more carefully I can find nerves running through these tissues.

Now a dose of reality. There is no nerve running through these tissues. It is the tissue itself eliciting pain. It creates the pain signal by activating pain receptors that exists in the connective tissue that surrounds the cells of each tissue. When the tissue is in distress it ignited the pain receptors to send a signal to the brain to create conscious awareness of the distress. This can lead to an intervention to end the distress which ends the need for the pain to be emitted and pain stops. Clearly nerves act as the pathway to transfer the pain signal from the pain receptor in the tissue to the brain. But the nerve is not igniting the signal nor can it be construed as the cause of the pain.

This premise of nerves being the cause of pain fits the establishment presentation that gives you pain coming from the spine and therefore epidural nerve blocks, pain medication and surgery are valid and acceptable as the only means of treating pain.

If you want to have any chance of resolving your pain you have to walk away from the established view and see pain for what it is; an indication of a tissue in distress and it is the tissue emitting the pain. In the Aspercreame commercial they overlay the cartoon presentation of irritated nerves over another tissue; MUSCLE. Can you say the word MUSCLE. The establishment can’t. If muscle is eliciting pain that means a little strength training to reorganize your muscles to allow functional activities to be performed without straining and you resolve your pain. Very quick and very cost effective and controlled by the individual. Very, very bad for healthcare as a whole.

It is time to call out all the crap that is out in front of you which leads you to false understanding of what causes pain. I can only tell you that my belief is that it is up to you to step away from the existing promotion of pain being caused by “irritated nerves”. It may just save your from havin pain for life.

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