A testimonial that shows at any age the Yass method is the path to a pain-free fully functional life!

A gentleman sent me this testimonial and I thought to share it with everybody because is represents the fact that at any age, the Yass method can be used to resolve symptoms and return you to a fully functional lifestyle. It also represents the failures of the existing medical model to be able to properly diagnose the cause of people’s pain.

Let’s be clear, there is no disrespect intended to practitioners who are trying to achieve the goal of getting the right diagnosis so the right treatment can be performed. The simple reality is that the dice are stacked heavily on the side of misdiagnosis and chronic pain. The MRI continues to be the gold standard in diagnosing the cause of pain when there was never any credible evidence that the structural variations identified such as herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis or the like were actually creating the symptoms being experienced. In fact, all evidence points to the fact that they don’t create the symptoms being experienced. Evidence such as a study showing that over the age of 60, 90% of people with no back pain can be found to have bulging degenerative discs while over 85% of people with back pain cannot have their attributed to a spinal abnormality like a herniated disc or stenosis. Then there is the splintered educational system that creates medical specialists only trained to identify one possible cause of pain. If the actual cause falls outside the education and training of the specialist, misdiagnosis is almost inevitable. The perversity of the system is that your diagnosis is strictly dependent on the type of specialist you see. This does not make the diagnosis correct. It simply means that you will get a diagnosis that is in line with the educational and training background of that particular specialist. Then of course there is the question about what if the tissue eliciting the symptoms is muscle such as a muscle in spasm at the back or a muscle imbalance of the front thigh and back thigh muscles creating knee pain or a rotator cuff strain along with other shoulder and shoulder blade muscles straining creating shoulder region pain. These types of causes cannot show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialist educated or trained to identify them.

I spoke to this gentleman recently and he said he is trying to let everybody know that the Yass method is the correct path toward resolving your symptoms and reclaiming your life. He said people just don’t want to listen because everybody is looking for a quick solution. My answer to that is after all the failed surgeries, procedures and addiction to prescription medication, people must stop looking for the quick answer and accept that what they need is the right answer. In more than 95% of cases the cause of pain is muscular. The weakness or imbalance that is leading to pain and other symptoms didn’t occur overnight. It was slow and insidious. That is why most people cannot remember when their pain started nor how it started. If it took awhile for the weakness or imbalance to develop you can expect it isn’t going to resolve overnight. But you can resolve it in the shortest period of time and you can end the idea that chronic pain is here to stay if you acknowledge that the Yass method which focuses on the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms to accurately identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms is the path you need to follow. If found to be muscular, then targeted progressive resistance strength training exercises is the key and only way to resolve the cause of the symptoms. Take it from Les, not just from me.


“Betty 85 had heart surgery in October and required rehab.. the exercises were to strong and a 30 min run forced her to stop. .she could not walk and roll over in bed without help.All kinds of doctors for 18 months did nothing to stop the pain.after Mri and Xrays nerve blocks were found as temporary and dangerous. Go home and live with it-your to old-no operations.husband 88 fell over chair and hit his head and had neck and back stiff   .chiropractic and massage tried no luck in month.   Saw your show (The Pain Prescription- the PBS special) on Iowa public tv   order kit.  it arrived in 2 weeks    started very slow   in a month Les pain gone  .Betty now abel to walk with cane.one hip higher than other.  we were lucky to call you May 13 and she is slowly improving.  We are grateful for your explanation of resistance and exerciise. thank you.”


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