Surgery as a last resort? Illogical and shows a complete lack of conviction that surgery will resolve your pain!

Surgery as a last resort? If anyone looked at this idea from a logical perspective you would see that what it is saying is that the medical establishment doesn’t really believe that the surgery will resolve your symptoms. If it did then the answer would be surgery is the first and only resort. Can’t you see that this premise is truly indicative of a lack of conviction that the surgery is the correct path? And why is there lack of conviction? That’s easy! The MRI which is the primary mechanism to identify the cause of your pain through the existing medical system, is completely invalid. Every bit of evidence proves there is no correlation between the structural variations identified and pain. Then there is the failure rate for surgeries across the board. The greatest indicator of this is the diagnosis of “failed back surgery syndrome” which was created to account for so many people still with the same if not greater pain after the surgery. By the way the word syndrome implies lack of understanding of the cause which should enrage you even farther.

You need to make a choice. Stay with a system that promotes a view of a serious and irreversible procedure that has no validity to its performance and a medical establishment that actually tells the patient that they need to tell the practitioner when they think they need the surgery. Or you can look to a method that sit completely outside the realm of the medical establishment; The Yass Method. This method focuses on diagnosing the tissue eliciting symptoms by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms just as the body wants the diagnosis to be derived. The symptoms are very specific to each tissue and therefore by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms, the tissue that is in distress and emitting the specific symptoms can be properly identified so the correct intervention can be performed immediately so the distress is ended and the pain signal or altered sensation signal ceases.

If you are in pain and have been told that you need surgery, I would strongly suggest watching this video. If you have a loved one who is scheduled for surgery, please have them watch this video. If you have had a failed surgery and are trying to understand why you still have the same if not greater symptoms, please watch this video.

It is only by standing together that the existing medical model can be abolished and the Yass Method instituted to replace it. It is your time to end your symptoms, regain your functional capacity and reclaim your life!    email:


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