You would be insane to stay with the existing system when results like this can be achieved with the Yass method!

Everyday I come in contact with people desperate to find a solution to resolving their pain. These people are just like you. They entrusted their faith in a system that tells them they will resolve their pain but never achieves this goal. Worse off, the pain is made worse or the treatment moves from establishing a cause and treating it to simply trying to mask symptoms. If you are one of the millions getting epidural nerve shots, cortisone shots, taking prescription pain medications, getting radio frequency ablation (burning nerves) or rhizotomy (severing nerves), this should be seen as the medical establishments raising of the white flag. They have given up on trying to identify the cause of your pain and can do nothing but submissively succumb to the realization that they can only attempt to mask your symptoms. In reaching this conclusion they are in fact providing a life long sentence to you having chronic pain.

If pain is an indication of a tissue in distress and the correct tissue is not identified and the distress of that tissue resolved, then the body continues to elicit the pain signal as part of its protective mechanism to create awareness of a tissue that is not functioning correctly. What do you think it means when you are told that the cause of your back pain is a herniated disc, stenosis, arthritis or a pinched nerve and you get surgery to correct these deficits and the pain you had before the surgery continues after the surgery? Clearly, THE WRONG TISSUE WAS TREATED! You can get every excuse in the book why it didn’t work and you can even get a  new diagnosis “failed back surgery syndrome” to allow more surgery to be performed but the reality cannot be overlooked.

If you are in pain and see this post or know somebody in pain and can relay this post to them you must understand there is only one way to get the right diagnosis, The Yass method. The existing model of diagnosing through diagnostic tests like the MRI is completely baseless. Finding a structural variation that has to have existed for years or decades and then assigning it as the cause of pain that may have only existed for a few weeks or a couple of months is insane. Ask a simply question to anybody promoting this as valid; Can the person providing the diagnosis guarantee that the structural variation did not exist before the pain began? And if it did exist before the pain began, why wasn’t it creating all that time before the pain began? How about this question; If the structural variation found is the cause of pain then those who do not have pain should not have structural variations and if that is true then why has it been shown that 90% of people over the age of 60 with no back pain have bulging or degenerative discs. And how about this; If a muscle were responsible for the cause of my pain, would that show up on an MRI? and are you in a position to identify this type of cause?

The reality you have been programmed to believe that just because these structural variations are identified they require an intention. You have been programmed to believe they are like cancer when in fact they are exactly like wrinkles. They are structural variations that elicit no symptoms and require no intervention.

This is a testimonial of a woman who thought she would never do the thing she loved to do more than anything else in the world; dance. She went the usual route and was told she had structural variations and required surgery. The usual crap. She found me and through a SKYPE computer evaluation and treatment I properly identified the cause of pain as muscular. 4 weeks later doing the prescribed exercises, she is dancing competatively. If she had taken the normal route, she would have had surgery that only worsened her symptoms and made it that much more difficult for her to ever be able to dance again. 95% of cases the cause of pain is muscular in nature and only the Yass method has the ability to identify all possible causes. It is your choice, stay with the existing model and resign yourself to a life of chronic pain or get the Yass method, even through Skype and get the right path to a life of pain-free maximum function.

“I had a meniscus tear in my left knee that was dealt with via arthroscopic surgery 10 years ago.  I’m in my 40-ties and dance a lot.  Over time I developed a bad pain on the front, inside of my knees, specifically when dancing in pointy heel shoes.  I was hoping to do some dance competitions, so dancing in a pointy hill shoes is pretty much a must.  I had an MRI done and it showed two meniscus tears and beginning of arthritis.  I was devastated as it seemed that dancing would no longer be possible for me.  I contacted dr Yass based on my PT friend’s advice.  I was told by dr Yass that the pain I was experiencing was due to a muscle imbalance – some of them being too weak.  He prescribed me a set of very specific exercises that would strengthen just those target muscles.  I’ve been doing those exercises 3 times a week for a little over a month now and the pain is pretty much gone – there is only a very faint memory of it.  It’s amazing that such a simple and inexpensive cure exists for this kind of a problem – as long as one takes the time to do the exercises, no surgery or other invasive procedure is needed.  So much healthier!  I’m very grateful I was able to have a consultation with dr Yass and for the advice I received.  I dance 6 times a week and my life would have been miserable without the ability to dance.  Thank you so much dr Yass!!!   I hope more people can benefit from this method.”  Lidia, California

If you want more information about the Yass method go to my website at If you would like to make an appointment for a Skype computer evaluation and treatment you can reach me at my email address:   Don’t forget I will be in Manhattan, New York the week of April 24th-28th, Monday-Friday providing the Yass method.


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