You can learn to strength train at home. A gym is not required.

I am sure that there are many people who see the value in strength training whether for resolving their pain, maintaining their level of functionality or just sustaining their overall health. Many of you have never lifted a weight in your life. Many of you would feel awkward going to a gym to learn how to strength train. Then there is the cost of having a person trainer show you how to perform the exercises. Most of these fitness practitioners have little to no background in addressing the fitness needs of those who may have had injuries or other health related issues. So simply because it is not expedient people simply chose not to try. They lose out on all the health benefits that can be achieved through strength training.

Especially when it comes to the aging population. Many will be told that their lack of balance is due to aging. This is simply a fallacy. People who don’t have the strength to perform many of the most mundane activities will be told this is because they are aging. This is a complete fallacy. People are told only medication can address systemic issues like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This is a complete fallacy. Strength training is the true fountain of use. All systems are enhanced in their functional capacity when a controlled stress like strength training is applied. I have treated thousands of patients over 25 years and beyond resolving their pain there were benefits such as reducing blood pressure, reducing fat content, controlling diabetes, improving balance, enhancing functional status and even improving bone density for post menopausal women.

If you would like to get these types of results and live a better quality of life, then it is time to learn to strength train at home. The Yass method exercises used to resolve pain can also achieve the same benefits described above. The great part about the exercises is that they are safe to perform. In most cases the exercises are performed in a seated position. If not seat, the person is supporting themselves by holding on to a sturdy object. Accuracy is the key in performing these exercises to get the most benefit from them. Progressive resistance is the mechanism that is used with the exercises to cause the muscles to adapt and get stronger. Without progressive resistance performing exercise has not real benefit in getting muscles stronger. All you need is a chair, a door and a resistance band and every muscle can be strengthened. 

If you would like to learn how to strengthen your muscles correctly in the comfort of your own home, we can accomplish this goal through Skype computer sessions. The goal is to get you to understand what needs to be done to achieve your goals in the shortest period of time. Then you have control over how you live your life and to what level of function you want to sustain.

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