Why you have pain and how it is sent!

For multiple decades the existing medical model has promoted the idea that pain and nerves are synonymous and therefore when you have pain you look to the neurological system through the use of MRIs to identify the cause of your pain.

This completely ignores the well-documented theory that pain is an indication of a tissue in distress and diagnostics should be about identifying what tissue is eliciting the symptoms. The Yass method bases its practice on the interpretation of symptoms along with some physical test to identify what tissue was soliciting the symptom. Most tissues including muscle have the ability to elicit pain. Muscular deficits do not show up on MRIs and therefore muscle cannot be established as a cause of pain. The us method has shown that and more than 95% of cases the cause is muscular.

You need to understand the core principles about pain and how it is transmitted so you can make better decisions about the type of treatment you deserve to receive. You do not have to go months or years suffering in pain due to an invalid method perpetuated by an existing medical establishment.

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