What’s with all the joint replacement revisions? Either the first wasn’t needed or it was installed improperly or Orthopods have found a new cottage industry!

I am somewhat stunned by the massive number of hip and knee replacements being performed. Clearly the recipient is still having pain and dysfunction after the first attempt at the joint replacement surgery. They can’t understand why after they were told that the cause of their hip or knee region pain was that the joint had decayed to the point of requiring a replacement. Most people hesitantly agree to get the joint replacement and low and behold they still have pain and dysfunction, often times worse then before the surgery. They are angry and frustrated. This is compounded by the orthopedist telling them that the prosthetic that was installed is either not functioning properly or came loose and this is the cause of the pain. They are told a revision is needed to correct this problem.

My first question to those getting these surgeries and those who are being told they need these surgeries, if there is such an extreme need for revisions, either the prosthetic parts are defective or the people installing them are defective. So I am not sure why they are given a second chance to screw it up again. And if the first prosthetic part didn’t hold or broke, why would you believe that the second, third or fourth would hold. I treated a person who had 6 hip surgeries. Talk about being trusting. The crazy part is that regardless of the number of revisions performed, the answer from the orthopedist seems to be it is necessary so let’s do it. It’s a nice approach since they don’t have the continued pain or dysfunction and the best part is they keep getting paid. It is kind of the gift that keeps given. This is what led me to think that if so many people are aware of the failures of these surgeries that it is getting harder to convince people to get the original joint replacement, wouldn’t it be great if they could get a second or third chance to provide a surgery for a those who have gotten the surgery already? It just seems a bit odd that so many revisions are being performed when there is such a distaste for the original surgeries. I think the thing to realize is that you are not in a position to determine whether what is being told to you is valid or not. You are going on pure faith.

Now let’s think about this. What if the cause of the pain at the hip or knee region was a strained muscle. This would never show up on a diagnostic test nor can be be identified by the specialists seen. So if the cause was muscular and you simply got a surgery for something you never needed there would be post surgical symptoms causing less ability to weight bear. This would cause the muscles to weaken further causing them to be more apt to strain and elicit the same if not more pain. Doesn’t this make more sense why after the original surgery and first, second or third revision you are still having pain? The alternate view would have to be that either the parts being used are bad or those installing them are bad.

If you look at the evidence through the use of the Yass method you would see that my theory regarding the real cause of your pain as being muscular can be found in more than 90% of cases. That is why most people are being misdiagnosed through diagnostic tests and by practitioners unable to identify muscular causes. If after all the failures if you are still in pain, if the cause is muscular, the Yass method can resolve your pain.

Get off this horrible cycle of getting revisions for a surgery you never needed in the first place. Use the only method that can identify all potential causes of pain including muscular which is the cause in more than 90% of cases. Its you only chance for a pain-free fully functional life.

Use the Yass method. Remember, the system will not change for you. You will have to change the system.

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