This is what the Yass method can do for you! A testimonial from a recent patient!

For the past 15 years I have been suffering from pain from what started out as an injury from being over stretched by the teacher in my yoga class. Over the years I went to many doctors, physical therapists, body aliment people, you name it I tried it. I was bound and determined not to get a hip replacement which I was told I would eventually have to do according to the x- rays showing a narrowing in my hip socket. No one was able to help me. Luckily I stumbled upon Dr Yass giving a lecture on the Hay House Summit. He made so much sense to me that I immediately went out and purchased his book. I tracked him down through Hay House and discovered that he had moved to Florida. So I knew that I had to see this man even if I had to travel to Florida. Fortunately he was coming to NYC where I live and was going to be seeing patients as well as giving an all-day seminar that week. I immediately signed up for three private sessions and the seminar.
Now fast forward, I have just completed the seminar and the private sessions. The results are nothing short of a miracle. In just four hours of therapy from Dr Yass I am virtually pain free. I was taught how to strengthen the muscles that were weak which was causing my body to be physically out of balance and alignment. I now know that I will be living the rest of my life optimally physically, mentally and spiritually. My journey of finding someone to help me heal was finally found.
If you have any chronic physical pain, Dr Yass is your answer. Stop whatever you are doing and run to this miracle man!


This result is not embellished or altered in the slightest. It is what you can expect when the Yass method is used to identify the cause of your pain and just as it is in more than 90% of cases, it turns out to be muscular having nothing to with structural abnormalities found on diagnostic tests. With the right understanding and the right type of progressive resistance exercises, pain can be resolved and full functional capacity obtained. I am honored to be able to give this gift to those I have the good fortune to work with. But it is up to you to find your path to the Yass method. Don’t be frustrated and lose hope by an existing system destined to fail you and leave you in pain interminably. Get the right answers through the Yass method and get the life back that you deserve to celebrate.

Remember that the system will not change for you. You are going to have to change the system.

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