Think of your pain as a friend not a foe!

I know so many of you are suffering with chronic pain and this had led you to perceive the pain you experience as a living, breathing entity that you would do anything to get rid of. This leads to getting narcotic drugs, epidural nerve blocks or even more insane procedures like radiofrequency ablastion (burning of nerves) or rhizotomy (severing of nerves). This focus on pain as being an independent entity is in a sense what is causing the pain to be sustained. Treating to resolve the pain takes away from what pain is.

Pain is a friend. It is one of the body’s best defense mechanisms. It is designed to create conscious awareness of a tissue in distress. The body has a sensoring system that is designed to let you know when something has gone wrong with a tissue in the body.  Pain receptors sit in connective tissue that surrounds most tissues of the body like organs and other tissues like muscle. If there is distress of the tissue, the pain receptor is activated. It sends pain signals through nerves as the pathway to the brain to alert you to the distress of the tissue. This way you will seek medical assistance to resolve the distress of the tissue. Once the distress is resolved, the pain signal is no longer needed and pain ceases. It is literally that simple and that quick.

Here is the sad and disturbing fact that keeps you suffering in pain. The existing model is incapable of identifying which tissue is in distress and eliciting the pain signal; PERIOD! The MRI only identifies structural variations that can be found in as many people with no pain as with pain. The variations were there long before you had pain so treating these variations does nothing to address the proper tissue eliciting the pain. Muscular causes of pain cannot and will not show up on diagnostic tests. Scientific evidence is showing that in more than 90% of cases the cause is muscular. With that understanding you can see why all the treatment you receive including procedures up to surgery and yet you still have pain. And when all fails, you get three possible answers; the pain is in your head, you need medication for the rest of your life or you simply have to live with the pain.

Hopefully, you can see that the existing model is what is making pain your FOE. On the other hand the Yass Method sees pain as the pathway to understanding what tissue is eliciting the symptom. The Yass Method interprets the symptoms being presented by the body along with some basic physical tests to properly identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms. If the cause is muscular, a few targeted exercises and the pain is resolved and full function returned. There is no point in taking diagnostic tests when the findings are so inconsequential in identifying the right tissue. You need to be able to identify all possible causes of pain or you will be misdiagnosed, your pain will sustain and you will be seeing pain as a foe simply trying to rid yourself of the pain not the cause. If this scenario sounds like yours, don’t be surprised. you are not alone. I have treated thousands of patients and everybody is generally in the same boat; wrong diagnosis, sustained pain, doing whatever it takes just to mask the pain. Use the Yass Method t0 quickly identify the true cause of the pain and resolve the cause quickly. Make pain your friend again as the body designed it to be.

The system will not change for you. You are going to have to change the system. Share this post with a friend or family member and save a life today.

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