Still awaiting responses from either Los Angeles or San Diego

We have not received enough response from either Los Angeles or San Diego to successfully complete either trip during the week of December 5 through the 9th, Monday thru Friday. I am not sure if it is that this is smack in the middle of the holiday season. The response in San Francisco last month was fantastic and the initial response from Los Angeles was even greater but once we moved the trip from last month to December, many of the people who showed interest have not responded in making appointments for this trip. We can wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to make a decision whether we are going to come to either city but if we do not see enough response I have no alternative but to cancel the trip. If you feel that you would like to get treatment but that this month is just not the right time due to the holidays and you would prefer that I return to California in January, please email us and let us know. You can contact my wife Lisa at her email address at I am trying to finish with treatments that are requested in California and I would like to do so both through trips in December and January. After this, I would like to make trips available in Texas in Dallas and Houston. the following months. So if you live in Dallas or Houston, please contact us and let us know of your interest of being treated by the Yass method.

As always if you are not in one of these cities but have recognized that the Yass method is the only chance you have for getting a correct diagnosis and treatment, you are always welcomed to be treated at my office in St Augustine, Florida, about 30 minutes south of Jacksonville in the northeast part of the state. We also provide Skype computer evaluations and treatments for those who feel they can’t get to the office.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter how you get the method, you simply have to realize that the existing medical model has failed because of the false premise that MRIs can identify the cause of your pain. Just think logically. The MRI is always taken after you have pain. A structural variation like a herniated disc, stenosis or arthritis is found and said to be the cause of your pain. Do you think that if an MRI was taken the day before you had pain, the results of the test would be any different. ABSOLUTELY NOT! They would be identical. So how could you possibly believe the findings are the cause of your pain. Why do you think the failure rate for back surgery is around 70-80%, the number of revisions of joint replacements is skyrocketing and 22 million Americans are addicted to prescription pain medication? Quite simply if pain is an indication of a tissue in distress and a tissue is treated by a surgery or procedure and the pain is sustained after the treatment, the wrong tissue must have been treated.

The Yass method interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms. The symptoms identify which tissue is eliciting the symptoms just as the body wants it to be. Pain at the chest and left arm is from the heart. Numbness and loss of strength of one side of the body is from the brain. Symptoms represent specific causes and the Yass method is the only method to be able to properly interpret the symptoms to identify which tissue is eliciting them. In more than 95 to 98% of cases, it is muscle. MRIs cannot identify muscular causes nor is there any medical specialty that is educated to do so.

You have to make the change and give up on the failed existing system. It will never change and keep you captive for as long as you let it. Choose the Yass method and get your life back!

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