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You get together with your organization or group and you casually discuss your pain, its affect on your life and all the failures that have left you wondering whether you will ever see a day without pain and a fully functional lifestyle. This is a common occurrence all across the United States. People having meetings or gatherings having nothing to do with the subject of pain but there it is again. Pain has become so common and the failure to resolve it so common that when people simply get together inevitably the subject will come up.

Why not take the opportunity as a whole organization or group to learn the cause of your pain and once and for all end the pain and get your lives back. Instead of simply complaining to one another or seeing these opportunities as a way to console one another, simply learn the reasons for the pain and the simple steps to resolve the cause. Whether you run or belong to an organization or group that is civic, sports, religious, governmental, age related, parental or even social in nature, band together and empower yourselves to have the lives that everybody deserves.

I am providing lectures and/or workshops designed to present to the facts regarding why the existing model is failing so miserably and why the Yass method is the only true method to diagnose and treat pain. These presentations are thorough in nature combining scientific, clinical and theoretical information that will leave you recognizing that in most cases the ability to resolve your pain is actually in your power. Pain in most cases is associated with the unforseen force of gravity and the inability of muscles to work against this force leads to straining and the eliciting of pain. Structural variations found on diagnostic tests like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis or mensical tears are slow and progressive in nature. They don’t emit pain and can be found in as many people without pain as with pain in roughly the same percentages. Failure rates to address these structural variations have grown exponentially. The use of pain medication as the attempt to mask symptoms is the final step taken when a cause could not be identified. Muscular causes cannot be identified on diagnostic tests and there is no specialist in the splintered existing system designed to identify these causes. The Yass method interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms and along with simple physical tests allows the right tissue to be identified. If muscular, which it is in more than 95% of cases, a targeted strength training program is all it takes to resolve the cause of the symptoms thereby ending the need for the body to emit the symptoms.

This is your chance as a group to get the information you need. Don’t allow your pain to be the point of discussion simply over a cup of coffee. Get the facts and get the results you need. If you are interested in learning more about the  Yass lectures/workshops, please use the link below.

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