A humble thank you to all that allowed me to treat them in Philadelphia

As I bid Philadelphia a found farewell I cannot help but take pause to thank every person that gave me the opportunity to help resolve their pain and give them a chance to return to a fully functional lifestyle. I believe that every one of these people showed tremendous bravery to be willing to step outside the boundaries of what is considered the normal medical practice to address pain. Most felt helpless with little to no sense of a future in which their pain would ever be resolved and were resigned to a life that none of them deserved. The satisfaction I get in seeing a change in persona when the proof is presented that there is a real cause to the symptoms and dysfunction and that the resolution of the symptoms and return to normal function is within their own hands is overwhelming and inspiring. Many of these people traveled pretty far to see me. That only made me feel that I needed to be laser sharp in understanding their circumstances and to deliver the right information and treatment.

Each person that I encounter becomes personal because I know just how long they have suffered and how much there situation has not only affected them but those that love them and share their lives. It is crucial that every person in pain know that there has to be a logical explanation for their pain and dysfunction. A complete understanding of all possible causes of pain must be understood by those attempting to resolve their issues. Muscle is by far the most common tissue causing pain and other symptoms. Diagnostic tests like MRIs will not identify these causes. There is no medical specialty designed to identify or treat these causes. This is why the Yass method must be seen as the primary method for diagnosing and treating pain. It must become the standard of care and must be used to create a uniqued specialty. Simple logic will indicate that the splintered system of specialists can never allow for all possible causes to be identified by any one specialist thereby leading to false diagnoses and invalid treatments.

A new era must prevail in which the understanding that pain in most cases is the result of the lack of strength preventing functional activities to be performed without a breakdown in a muscle or a muscle attempting to compensate for another muscle or a misalignment of joint surfaces creating joint pain due to weakness or imbalance of the muscles that attach to the joint. Until the understanding that pain in most cases is due to unseen forces and not structural variations found on diagnostic tests, people will continue to sustain pain and never return to normal function.

Those that saw me in Philadelphia in my mind are heroes. They found the power within themselves to see the logic that is the Yass method and benefited from their conviction. They are now empowered to take control of their lives and their futures and can never have this knowledge and power taken from them. And for the opportunity to bestow this gift on them, I say thank you.

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