If you perceive pain as a siren, then you will understand it is not the pain that needs to be treated, it’s the tissue that ignited the siren!

The reason so many people are getting unnecessary surgeries, getting addicted to prescription pain medication or being told there is nothing left that can be done for them, is because they are dependent on a medical establishment clearly flawed using a baseless method of diagnosing the cause of pain through the MRI. The structural variations found on the MRI were there years and even decades before the pain being experienced began. It is the simply false methodology of taking the MRI only at the time the person is in pain that allows the structural variation to be first identified while at the time pain is being experienced. It sets up the self fulfilling prophesy of being to say that the structural variation is the cause of the pain because it was found at the time pain was being experienced. I am asking everyone of you who are being told that arthritis, a herniated disc, stenosis, a pinched nerve and alike to ask the medical practitioner conveying this information to you that they swear that these structural variations were not there before you had pain. Because if they were there before you had pain, how can it then be said they are causing the pain. I want anybody to contact me and tell me of any medical practitioner willing to say that any of these structural variations simply pop up at the time begins.

Now if you want to step away from the existing medical model at this point when you realize that the existing use of the MRI is pointless, this would be a good time to understand why the body is eliciting pain and therefore understand how to properly diagnose the cause of the pain. Pain is the body’s way of setting off a siren. Tissues always want to work properly and the body always wants them to do so. If a tissue or organ begins to falter, the body wants to know about it in the shortest period of time so a treatment can be provided to get the tissue or organ functioning optimally again. This is the reason the body elicits pain. And it is not a nerve that is eliciting the pain signal, it is the tissue in distress. So if a kidney stone or a heart attack elicits the siren of pain, it is not a nerve creating the pain signal, it is the tissue itself. Each tissue is made of cells and each cell is encased with connective tissue. The connective tissue has pain receptors in it. So if a cell goes bad, it ignites the pain receptor to start the siren. The pain signal is passed from the tissue cell to the brain by a nerve pathway but the nerve has nothing to do with the reason the siren was set off. Once the signal reaches the brain, the person is then aware of the distress of the tissue and can seek medical assistance to resolve the distress of the tissue.

The important thing to understand is that different tissues or organs release different types of sirens. That is the beauty of how the body works. So interpret which tissue is creating the pain signal, you need to be able to interpret the type of pain signal being presented. That is why the Yass method at its core of diagnosing focuses on understanding what the body is presenting by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms along with what the person can tell about their symptoms. It has the capacity to identify all tissues including muscle as the tissue igniting the siren which is actually what accounts for 95 to 98% of cases. You have been culturally programmed to believe that pain means nerve and nerve needs to be treated to stop the siren. Look at the fact that the medical establishment had to create the diagnosis of “failed back surgery syndrome” to account for the fact that after surgery, the body was still emitting the pain siren which clearly indicated that the wrong tissue was treated.

If you want to ever see your pain resolved, your function returned and your life reclaimed, it is going to be up to you to get a better understanding of why the body is eliciting pain and what is the proper method to identify the tissue eliciting the siren. The Yass Method is that method and it is going to take you to reach for it so you can finally get back the life you so deserve!

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