Did you know muscles refer symptoms as well as nerves?

You have been programmed over the last 3 to 4 decades that pain equals nerve. The MRI promotes that pain comes from structural variations found at this point.  Herniated disc’s, stenosis, pinch nerves, compression fractures, spondylolisthesis and alike are found at the time you have pain and the false correlation is promoted that the structural variation is creating the pain.  Every bit of evidence proves this to be a false promotion. this is why regardless of the treatments and procedures you receive you end up with the same if not greater pain. This is why regardless of the treatments and procedures you receive you end up with the same if not greater pain.


The Yass method is the only method that interprets the presentation of the body’s symptoms to properly identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms. In more than 95% of cases the tissue is muscle.  Muscle can create pain at the location of the strained muscle or it can refer symptoms through triggerpoints found in the muscle. Muscle can also strain and impinge on nerves causing neurological symptoms but with a muscular cause.

Altered sensation in the hands especially are more apt to be a referred symptom from a muscle in the shoulder or shoulder blade region versus the cervical spine.  A presentation of trigger points will show that muscles associated with the rotator cuff or shoulder stabilizing muscles can refer symptoms to the hand. A proper complete physical a valuation which is the cornerstone of the Yass method is the only proper mechanism for determining whether this type of situation is the cause of your symptoms. A simple acceptance of a positive finding on an MRI indicating a structural variation of the cervical spine as the cause of the symptoms guarantees at least a 90% misdiagnosis rate.

The more information you have about the potential causes of your symptoms the better the chance to get the right diagnosis. The Yass method is unique in its methodology. It is open to identifying all potential tissues. This is unlike any other medical specialty. The MRI cannot identify muscular causes.

It is time to  move away from the system that has failed you so miserably for so long. For more information about the Yass method go to www.mitchellyass.com or email me at drmitch@mitchellyass.com

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