A thank you to the patients I have treated

Very shortly my PBS special will be seen nationally and my new book will be released in 6 countries. The thought is that this will give me a platform that will allow millions to find my method. This in turn will lead them to the pain resolution they have been searching for for years and allow them to reclaim their lives. Aftter this it is anticipated that I will be performing lecture tours, online courses, radio and/or television shows. All with the intention of maximizing the number of people that will gain exposure to the only true method for diagnosing and treating pain.

Unfortunately, this will consume my time and leave no opportunity to treat people on a personal basis. No more one to one treatments where you get to know the person not just the injury or dysfunction.

I just wanted to point out that I have loved treating people and developing amazing relationships with them. There has been such a sense of satisfaction in not only resolving their pain but seeing how their lives were made better in the things they can do. Whether it is my man Dave, a 90 year old Parkinson’s patient who can now walk with no assistive device when just a few months ago he was unstable even using a Parkinson’s walker. To see his face light up every time he walks with no assistive device by himself for himself is pure pleasure to me. Anne who was told that she needed a spinal surgery placing a rod from her skull to her pelvis to resolve pain at her back from scoliosis which we proved to be a falacy. Who through the use of strength training resolved the pain that was actually coming from the muscles that attach to the spine and can now waterski on one ski is such a comfort to me. Then there is Bob who was told that he needed a back surgery and after that a knee replacement which prevented him from playing the game he loves more than anything in life; namely golf. We proved that his pain was coming from a muscle in the gluteal region and the knee pain was simply from an imbalance between the front thigh and back thigh muscles. This guy is back to playing golf. and loving life. Every day I don’t hear from him is another day I know this guy is happy and free to live his life. One of the most heart felt guys I have had the pleasure to work with is Jeff who’s wife suffers from multiple sclerosis. He has to help her transfer from one surface to another which has led to shoulder, back and leg strains. It has been an honor to help him resolve his pain and teach him how to maintain his strength to allow him to continue to serve his wife like the great man and husband that he is.

There are so many stories of people who’s lives I have touched and who have touched my life. It has been a great run to this point and now it is time to take the next giant step to helping millions of others. I feel it is important to reflect back on my accomplishments to date and thank those who I have treated for giving me the opportunity to give a little gift from myself and to allow me to get back so much joy and satisfaction in helping them.

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