A testimonial from a former patient

“When Dr. Yass first met me I was writhing in pain, racked by uncontrollable muscle spasms. After years of specialists, injections, drugs and useless therapies, I was literally close to giving up. After his initial examination, Dr. Yass’ extensive knowledge of anatomy and how the body works, devised specific exercise routines that after only 6 weeks enabled me to once again walk and enjoy a relatively pain-free life. The Yass Method works and Dr. Yass and his brilliant understanding of balance in human musculature is revolutionary. I strongly recommend the Yass Method to anyone with pain and/or mobility issues.”

M. D. Fletcher
Palm Coast, Florida

This may have been one of the worst patients ever mistreated by the medical establishment. It was very hard just to see this man have uncontrollable muscle spasms that would cause him to scream in pain. Even when at rest this was happening. All because something went terribly wrong when he was given an epidural nerve block. It is a testimonial to the Yass Method that in just about 6 weeks, he was able to move from writhing pain to almost completely pain-free and almost unable to ambulate with a rolling walker to walking with no assistive device. If you think there is no chance for you to resolve your pain, here is an example of just what can be done when the right diagnosis and the right treatment are obtained and performed.

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