3 things you are probably doing wrong when strength training!

The Yass method incorporates a very unique and specific understanding of how to strength train to achieve the goals of maximizing function and resolving symptoms. Too often I see people who have gotten improper information which actually impedes the ability to achieve these goals.  You may be incorporating one if not all of these variations and may be wondering why you were not getting the results you anticipate. To achieve the goals of maximizing function and resolving symptoms you need to look to the Yass method and only the Yass method.  This is why!

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DR. MITCHELL YASS is the creator of the Yass Method for diagnosing and treating chronic pain. He developed his method over 20 years treating thousands of patients resolving their pain and returning them to full functional capacity. He has stopped thousands from getting unnecessary surgeries and resolved the pain of thousands of others who had surgery that did nothing to alter their pain.