Hip and knee replacement surgery: the cash cow of the medical establishment !

Why does it seem that almost every body has knee and hip joints that are bone on bone in just the past five years or so. this is a scary trend that is highly concerning to me. Hip and knee replacement surgery as well as revisions are being performed at a meteor rate.  Don’t get a surgery you never needed. The only way to determine if a joint is bone on bone is looking at the range of motion of the joint. An x-ray will never show whether the joint is bone on bone. And certainly getting an interpretation  and an opinion by an orthopedic surgeon seems highly suspect. The Yass method can interpret the body’s presentation with a severely high degree of accuracy. For more information go to www.mitchellyass.com or email me at drmitch@mitchellyass.com. Getting a surgery you never needed will lead to increased pain and decreased functional capacity. Just look around the results will speak for themselves. Watch this video to protect yourself or a loved one.

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