1000% rise in chronic pain treatment costs = collapse of Obamacare

The collapse of Obamacare has nothing to do with the inability to take in the appropriate revenue to pay for costs. The reality is that the cost of treating chronic pain has gone up over 1000% in the last 10 years. The vast majority he of this cost is 100% in valid based on the false use of the MRI to diagnose the cause of pain. Invalid identification of structural variations like herniated disc’s, stenosis, meniscal tears and rotator cuff tears have lead to unnecessary surgeries, the epidemic use of prescription pain medication, an ending in valid procedures and more recently the use of radiofrequency ablation and rhizotomy.  The Yass method is the only true method to properly diagnose the cause of pain through the interpretation of the presentation of symptoms along with simple physical test. The implementation of the Yass method as the standard of care in treating chronic pain as well as the elimination of the splintered system of specialists and the standard use of the Yass method as the primary mechanism to diagnose the cause of chronic pain is the only hope to save a failed healthcare insurance system.

for more information go my the website www.mitchellyass.com or email me at Dr. for more information go to the website www.mitchellyass.com or email me at drmitch@mitchellyass.com.

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DR. MITCHELL YASS is the creator of the Yass Method for diagnosing and treating chronic pain. He developed his method over 20 years treating thousands of patients resolving their pain and returning them to full functional capacity. He has stopped thousands from getting unnecessary surgeries and resolved the pain of thousands of others who had surgery that did nothing to alter their pain.