Visual Proof- Sciatica from impingememt of piriformis muscle versus structural variation from lumbar spine.


sciatic nerve and piriformis muscle

Take a look at this illustration. It is graphic but presents the relation between the piriformis muscle in the gluteal region and the scaitic nerve. The priformis muscle is the muscle running across the photo at the top just above the sciatic nerve and the sciatic nerve is the one being pulled forward by the probe. This is a photo of a human dissection so this is not an image but an actualy representation of the proximity of the piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve. In 30% of the population, the sciatic nerve actually perforates through the piriformis itself.

The false presentation that the cause of sciatica coming from a structural variation in the lumbar spine such as a herniated disc, nerve root impingement or stenosis can clearly be seen to be an invalid premise from this photo. The sciatic nerve does not begin until the gluteal region and ends at the back of the knee. The nerve roots that form the sciatic nerve begin at the spine but only join together to form the sciatic nerve once they enter the gluteal region. The idea that impingement of a nerve root that forms a nerve creates the same symptoms as impingement of the nerve itself is insane. If you were to hold this concept true then everybody should be getting neck surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. This diagnosis refers to impingement of the median nerve in the wrist/hand. This nerve begins with nerve roots from the cervical spine. Therefore if sciatic symptoms are to be treated by addressing nerve roots of the sciaic nerve at the lumbar spine then certainly carpal tunnel symptoms should be treated by addressing nerve roots of the median nerve at the cervical spine. I am not aware of anybody that gets neck surgery for carpal tunnel symptoms. This completely opposing treatment protocol shows the lack of continuity of treatment presented by the existing medical model and why you should disavow it and reject it.

Then there is the presentation of symptoms of every person I have treated with sciatica. The symptoms begin in the gluteal region and run beyond the knee to either the calf or down to the foot. If the cause is from the lumbar spine as promoted by the medical establishment, why no symptoms in the lumbar region? Everyone I have ever treated seemed perplexed by this lack of continuity promoted as the cause versus the symptoms experienced. They are being told the cause is coming from the lower back and yet no symptoms in the lower back. The lay person understands the lack of logic of this more than the medical professionals supposedly treating them; how sad.

The fact is that sciatica is a result of hip dysfunction versus some spinal abnormality. The muscle that supports the leg when standing called the gluteus medius strains due to weakness and an inability to perform functional activities. This causes the piriformis muscle to strain. Once strained, it thickens and impinges on the sciatic nerve. This was confirmed through the use of the MRN- magnetic resonance neurography which is a high powered MRI. The studies concluded that in 93% of cases of sciatica the cause is the piriformis muscle impinging on the sciatic nerve.

You will never see your symptoms resolve and return to a pain-free life unless you get the right information and the right treatment. This is visual proof that any treatment to the lumbar spine will do nothing to resolve sciatica. THE SYSTEM WILL NOT CHANGE FOR YOU. YOU WILL HAVE TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM. The Yass Method is the change you are looking for and need. Share this post with somebody and save a life!

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