Strength=Function is not just a motto; it is a way to live your life

It is so amazing to see how people after coming for treatment suddenly get this concept and begin to follow it as a way of life. You have to see that in the vast majority of cases of people suffering from pain it is a result of a muscle strain leading to weakness or imbalance. This causes a muscle to elicit pain or causes another muscle to compensate and that muscle elicits pain. The same situation can cause misalignment of joint surfaces creating pain at joints. Ultimately the point that must be understood is that all the muscles involved in the mechanisms that create functional tasks must be strong enough or a symptom will present. All the rest of the crap promoted by the medical establishment that structural variations found on diagnostic tests like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, meniscal tears and alike or nerves are creating pain are so ridiculous. There isn’t even one iota of physical evidence that these statements are true. You are just given that diagnostic test finding and told that the correlation is that the finding is the cause of the symptom simply because it was found. If you accept this premise, you will move farther and farther away from the chance to resolve your pain and return back to a full functional life.

Anybody that has been treated based strictly diagnostic tests findings knows the sad reality that I am right. I get so upset to hear about every inappropriate surgery performed on people that eventually come for treatment and I have to present the physical evidence that proves that the structural variation found could never create the symptoms being experienced. If we could all accept the theory that pain in most cases is the result of the fact that all the muscles responsible for creating functional tasks are not strong enough creating symptoms then people could move toward resolution of their symptoms and full return of function so much quick and nobody would have to wallow in pain.

Just try to recognize that the pain you experience seems to be associated with activity you perform. Whether the pain comes during or after the activity, the fact is that there is a correlation between doing the activity and your pain. If you would simply understand that the diagnostic process must evolve around trying to determine which muscles are not allowing for functional capacity to exist with symptom versus going to splintered specialists who depend on diagnostic tests and are not in a position to identify all potential causes of pain, you would be moving in the right direction faster. You must acknowledge that people who are fit generally have fewer episodes of pain then those who are not as fit. That is not to say that fit people don’t experience pain. It is simply because they are more fit and therefore are more apt to perform activities that are more strenuous and require higher levels of strength. Therefore even a fit person doing an aggressive activity with a high force requirement can still get hurt and have pain. But in performing the normal daily activities, the odds of experiencing pain drops dramatically with fit people.

Please see the idea of Strength=Function as a way to live your life. You don’t even have to wait to be in pain. Start a targeted strength training proper now. Reach out to me and let’s get you set up on a well balanced program of progressive resistance strength training. Why wait until you are in pain. If you are in pain, let’s get you out of it quickly by understanding which muscles need to be strengthened to achieve strength and balance of all of your muscles. This is your chance to have the life you choose. Aging does not have to mean infirmity. Take charge of your life. The system is not going to change for you. You are going to have to change the system.

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