The Yass Method coming to a town near you. Get treated and get resolved.

I am very excited to be getting the opportunity to be bringing the Yass method to varous cities across the country in the next couple of months. While there I will treat patients so they will get the benefit of an accurate diagnosis and treatment. With 90% of cases of pain being muscular in nature, almost all will leave with decreased if not complete resolution of symptoms. This is the result I hope all will achieve when the Yass method becomes the standard of care versus the inaccurate and flawed system of using the MRI to identify structural variations like hernited discs and stenosis as the cause of symptoms even through this has been proven theoretically, clinically and scientifically invalid.

The cities are as follows:

Atlanta, Georgia- June 28-30th Tuesday-Thursday
* only a couple of appointments are

Manhattan, New York- August 22-24th Monday-Wednesday

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- September 19-21st Monday-Wednesday

And just as a reminder, other than these dates, i can be seen at my office in St Augustine, Florida or through Skype computer evaluations and treatments.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact my wife Lisa at her email address: She makes all of my appointments and handles all the arrangements for you.

Please take the opportunity to find out about the Yass Method or tell friends and family to seek information about it. It is the only logically based, symptom interpreted method available to identify the true tissue eilciting the symptoms being experienced so the CORRECT tissue can be treated and the symptoms resolved. Otherwise, you are just part of a failed system that performs treatments and surgeries with a 90% chance of failing leaving you in the same if not greater pain. The system will not change for you. you will have to change the system.

Best wishes,

Dr Yass

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