The gift of the Yass method for a 83 year old woman

These are the types of cases that have driven me over the past 23 years to reach out to as many people as possible to let them know that there is a real, logical and accurate method for diagnosing and treating chronic pain called the Yass method. It is insane to think that a person would have to live in pain for 8 years because every medical practitioner tells this person that they require a hip replacement. The reason the woman never got the hip replacement and was forced to live in pain was because she instinctively new that the hip joint moved just as well as the other hip that had no pain. This became confirmed when she saw my PBS special and purchased my book, the Pain Cure Rx. She read those very words in the book. Namely that if a joint has full range of motion then the joint is acting exactly as it was designed to and any discussion of a structural deformation of the elements that make up the joint as being responsible for creating pain was impossible and should never be accepted as fact. Once getting this affirmation which confirmed her belief for years, she decided to seek treatment at my office in St Augustine, Florida for a mere 3 days. This woman walked in a severe limp and the use of a rolling walker. Her pain was so intense when I pressed on her gluteus medius muscle and the ITB. Confirmation that is was not bone-on-bone came from checking her range of motion of the hip which was almost completely full and pressing down on the hip joint itself yielded no pain.

Treatment consisted of massage, stretching and targeted strengthening for the appropriate muscles that were leading to straining of the muscles eliciting the pain she was experiencing. We then worked on her walking pattern which had deteriorated due to the inability to weight bear on the affected leg correctly. She found with her new found strength and almost complete resolution of pain at the affected leg that she could weight bear on the leg with greater ease and with a longer time span allowing her to place the unaffected leg out with less force and a longer step length. With just a little practice she had regained almost a completely normal walking pattern. She felt incredible with this control over her body. She is using all her muscles to perform activities such as walking, standing and sit to stand which now makes the activities easier and little to no chance of a reoccurence of the pain she experienced prior to beginning the treatment.

The joy in her face and the excitement she now possesses about her future filled with all the activities she wants to perform and hadn’t been able to for the past 8 years and the idea of not having pain everyday and all day is overwhelming even for myself to experience. The transference of knowledge about what is causing her pain and how to resolve the symptoms, prevent them from reoccurring and having full capacity to perform any activity she chooses with great ease and hesitant free is the gift I hope to give to every person I come in contact with. This woman traveled across country to me to be given this opportunity. The joy I experience comes from knowing that I can provide this gift and seeing the result when the gift is passed to another person.

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