The additional benefits of strength training beyond resolving pain

There is no question that the primary reason I promote the value of exercise, specifically strength training is to resolve the cause of peoples’ symptoms and allow them to return to the quality of life they deserve. The fact is that there are systemic benefits that most people are not aware of and upon finding out about these benefits would reinforce the reason for strength training. I have met many people who said they would never perform strength training because they see no value in it and that they see exercise as something to be performed by those who are simply looking to look better or maybe have a simple affinity for performing exercise. They see exercise as something to be performed by those who are simply looking to look better or maybe have a simple affinity for performing exercise.

Many people will say that they won’t exercise because they don’t have the time for it because the general thought is that exercise must be performed long periods of time every day. The magic of the Yass method is that only a specific number of exercises must be performed to address the specific muscles responsible for creating symptoms and limiting functional capacity. I am typically talking about no more than 3 to 4 exercises. The exercises are performed no more than three times a week and should never take more than 30 minutes to an hour to perform. Once the symptoms are resolved, a general conditioning type of exercise routine can be performed and this should also be no more than three times a week possibly being no more than seven or eight exercises. The point is that there is a much less time involvement required to perform exercises to achieve both the pain resolution and increased function benefit as well as the systemic benefits of strength training.

It has become widely accepted through study that strength training can resolve cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, osteoporosis and weight difficulties. The body can be put back on a healthy path through strength training. Aging is perceived to be the deterioration of the different systems of the body. Strength training can actually offset the deterioration and separate aging from being infirmed. The point is that strength training is in effect a medicine without side effects. My hope is that people will see the value of strength training and begin a regiment before symptoms occur. If you see the true value in exercise and it’s purpose along with the ease in which it can be performed and the limited time requirement needed to perform strength training, you will make it part of your lifestyle in the same way brushing your teeth is performed. At some point I would hope that strength training become something you perceive as being enjoyable and embrace it the way people embrace taking medications as part of their lifestyle even when this is unnecessary. Remember, the system will not change for you. You will have to change the system.

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