How much time will it take for you to realize you are going down the wrong path?

Recently, I have begun treating patients who have been suffering with their pain for years. The worst case was a woman who suffered from gluteal region pain for over 40 years after getting a hip replacement she never needed but was told would resolve the gluteal region pain. It turned out that she has a stained gluteus medius muscle and piriformis muscle that that was had to be treated to resolve the symptoms and return her to a more fully functional quality of life. A gentleman I have recently treated had pain at both knees for most of his life. He was told that arthritis was the cause of the symptoms and since he was so against getting knee replacements because of the track record of the surgeries he had seen with family and friends, he was simply seeing his life disappear. It was actually his wife who found out about me and felt that my method was the only legitimate method for addressing the cause of the knee pain which turned out to be a massive reduction in quad (front thigh) strength which was partly the result of a decreasing functional activity level resulting from the pain being experienced at both knees. Years wasted and quality of life destroyed because of a lack of understanding of the cause of symptoms. Way back there was the lady who didn’t look up for over 25 years because she had neck pain and a loss of neck range of motion that she was told was the result of arthritis. She was told by a chiropractor to never look up; something about how the spine is designed to do that move. Her sister came to me for treatment and after resolving her symptoms and returning her to a fully functional quality of life, sent her sister to see if I could do the same for her. The Yass method evaluation showed that the muscles at the neck region had tightened and this caused a vacuum seal to occur between the cervical vertebrae preventing normal neck function. Proper massage and gliding techniques freed the cervical spine and after 25 years, she had no problem looking up. How many missed opportunities to see sun rises or sunsets or amazing cloud formations? Why have to go 25 years to find out that what was told to you is simply incorrect and invalid. That in fact there is a logical method designed to identify and resolve the cause of your symptoms and return you to a fully functional quality of life.

I know that the thought for most is that if you get a second, third or fourth opinion, you are doing the right thing in making sure that you are getting the best care. It is simply not the fact. If all the practitioners you go to are trained to do the same wrong type of treatment or are all dependent on an invalid method that is simply incapable of identifying the proper cause of your symptoms, then time is against you. Regardless of how much time or effort you put into resolving your symptoms and improving your quality of life, it simply won’t change.

You must recognize that there should only be a small time window necessary to address a tissue eliciting symptoms to see those symptoms resolve and quality of life return. If you get treated for a particular tissue and the symptoms don’t resolve and then go to somebody else who says they will address the same tissue but in a different way, don’t expect a different outcome. The Yass Method is the only method designed to identify all potential causes of pain meaning all possible tissues that can elicit the symptoms being experienced. Choose it to properly identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms and resolve the distress of the affected tissue. Get your life back quickly and effectively through the Yass method. Remember, the system will not change for you. You will have to change the system.

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