A great radio interview I performed yesterday!

Here is a link to a great radio interview I performed yesterday. The show is called Heart Of Mind Radio over PRN.FM with host Kathryn Davis. Her questions led to great dialogue with the opportunity to discuss the unique benefits of the Yass method and how it separates itself from the existing failed medical model of diagnosing and treating pain.

I had an opportunity to provide examples of patients who suffered needlessly because the existing model could not identify the proper tissue eliciting their pain. I explained how the use of the Yass method quickly identified the tissue eliciting the symptoms as being muscle, something that cannot be identified by diagnostic tests. And then how by using the Yass method of performing targeted progressive strength training resolved the symptoms completely and returned the patients to full functional capacity.

If you are suffering with unresolved pain with no hope of ending your plight, please listen to this interview and find your path through the Yass method to the pain-free fully functional life you deserve.

Heart of Mind Radio – 08.19.16

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