Don’t make the Yass method your last resort before surgery or giving into a life of pain! It should be the one and only resort for diagnosing and treating chronic pain!

Day after day I am confronted with people suffering from chronic pain needlessly. It doesn’t matter whether it is at the neck, shoulder, back, knee, hip or foot. They come to the Yass method for clarity and understanding. How can it be that after years of trying to resolve their pain, multiple medical practitioners, multiple procedures, endless money and time, they are still in as much if not worse pain. I see the loss of life on their faces. I see the sense of hopelessness on the faces of their family members who travel with them to see me hoping that an end point to this horror known as chronic pain is somewhere in the near future. The story is always the same. The pain starts out innocently and progresses to a level that overcomes life itself.  So many questions exist. Why is the pain so bad when I have seen multiple specialists, had multiple procedures and taken so many medications?

The answer is always the same. THE WRONG TISSUE IS BEING TREATED.  In 95% of cases the cause of pain is muscular. These types of causes do not show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any specialist trained to identify these causes. Worst of all, they are trained to find other causes which when treated move you farther away from the real cause of your pain. The best news is that when properly identified, muscular causes of pain can be resolved quickly; in most cases in just weeks.

Find the Yass method now and use it to properly identify the cause of your pain. If muscular, it provides an understanding of which muscles need to be strengthened and how to perform the appropriate, targeted strength training exercises. Don’t wait. Don’t delay. Being in pain is horrible and destroys lives. The only chance you have to end this plague is to get the right diagnosis and the only way to do this is through the Yass method. To get more information, go to or contact me at

You will have to take this move on your own. The medical system will not change for you. You will have to change the system. Please share this post with family or friend who are suffering because of the ineptness of a failed system.

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