Come to the Open Center in Manhattan on August 21 for my one day workshop to understand how to resolve your pain!

The time is quickly approaching for my first full day workshop at the Open Center in Manhattan on Sunday, August 21st. This is a very exciting opportunity to fully entrench you in the Yass method theory and application. I will be discussing the state of affairs of the existing model of diagnosing and treating pain. I will discuss how the Yass method is completely different in its approach to identifying the tissue eliciting your symptoms. You will see why people are traveling from across the country and Canada to receive this treatment to end the nightmare they call chronic pain.

I will be discussing all areas of pain from the head to the toes. Assuming there is enough time we will be able to have a question and answer period to speak to as many people’s individual situations as time allots.

If you live in the Tristate area and are simply fed up with the existing model of treating your pain. If you are now left taking narcotic pain medication or been told there is nothing left that can be done for you, you need to come to this workshop. If you have had failed surgeries and think because of that there is nothing left that can be done to resolve your symptoms and get back to a fully functional lifestyle, you are wrong and this is the place to find out how to reverse course and get the right solutions to your specific issues.

The Yass method identifies the tissue eliciting your symptoms by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms along with some basic physical evaluative tests. Diagnostic tests are invalid. If you go to any medical practitioner that identifies the cause of your pain through these tests, they are wasting your time and you have a close to 90% chance of being misdiagnosed. You are going to have to take responsibility for your future and realize that you are going to have to go outside the normal channels of medical care to find the right method to properly identify the cause of your pain. In 90+% of cases the cause of pain is muscular and yet these types of causes will never show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialty designed to identify them. This is why the Yass method should become the standard of care in diagnosing and treating chronic pain. Don’t live in pain any longer. Get to this workshop and start yourself on a path to full pain resolution and a fully functional lifestyle.

this is the link to the open center and the workshop: all information is provided including cost. I can’t wait to see you there.

If you are looking to be treated by me during the week of August 22-27 in New York, I still have a few slots available. Please contact my wife Lisa at her email address: for further information and availability.

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