Article about the Yass method for a physical therapy website.

I have attached a link to a great interview I performed for a physical therapy website. I feel it helps to present the difference between my method and the general practice of physical therapy. I am always trying to present the vast difference between the Yass method of diagnosing the cause of pain versus physical therapy’s use of a diagnosis given by medical practitioner derived from diagnostic tests like MRIs and x-rays. The idea of performing therapy for diagnoses like herniated discs, stenosis, meniscal tears or arthritis is the very reason I have tried to isolate myself from the field of physical therapy. If you accept diagnostic test findings as viable diagnoses indicating structural variations as the cause of symptoms and then perform modalities like heat, ice, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and non specific exercise like callasthenics and stretches, you are doing an injustice to those seeking proper care to resolve their symptoms and return to full function.

Please read the article and share it with a friend or family member suffering with pain and dysfunction even after getting varying treatments so they can understand why the Yass method is the only true path to getting the right diagnosis and treatment. Remember, the system will not change for you. You will have to change the system.

Interview With Dr. Mitchell Yass of

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