40+ Year bout of pain ends with the Yass Method – The Patient Testimonial

Dr. Yass I am going to try to thank you for your dedication to healing those of us who have been ignored by mainstream medicine. I am still trying to realize how much better I am since my 2 visits with your treatment. The video of your training is invaluable to me as I have used it many times at home. I have suffered wiht chronic pain for almost 46 years. I have been to MANY Physicians, Physiatrist, Physical Therapy and Pain Management treatment over these years. I have tried I think every modality they have and most helped temporily but the pain and restrictions always came back. I found out about you at Barnes and Noble when I picked up read and bought your book. As I read it I realized you were the ONLY one who talked about how I felt inside and talked about the areas in my body where I experienced pain for all these years. I have continued my search for pain relief in spite of the constant reply from MD’s who said I don’t know why you are having pain; the x-ray looks fine, very rarely acutally examining me. As you said it was a simple answer however NO ONE ever took the time and or initiative to find out why.

I am telling everyone I know about you because you have the answers and are really the EXPERT in how to care for muscles and how they work and really look at the cause of the pain rather than letting the x-ray or MRI dictate treatment. I am much better than before I saw you and can’t wait till the 2 month period to see my progress. I can’t put into words how I feel; it is so overwhelming after all these years and bad experiences. I prayed for relief and I know God sent me to you so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, so much for listening to me and helping me attain a new life that I believe will be pain free. GOD bless you as you continue your work and thank you for your devotion to HEALING.

A W – South Carolina

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