Your symptoms are fitness based, not medical.

There is a clear and unequivocal reason your symptoms are not being resolved by the existing medical establishment; the cause of the symptoms is not medical. You have been programmed for 30 years to believe that the cause can be found on the MRI. This requires medical attention to resolve the cause. You have unfortunately come to the realization that regardless of which medical specialist you see, your symptoms continue and seem to be worsening. This is because this promotion is “baseless:. There is in fact no evidence the structural variations identified by MRI are eliciting any symptoms. They just happen to be identified at the time muscle is eliciting the symptoms so they are asserted by medical system to be the cause and all subsequent treatments are based on this fallacy.

As you have experienced treatment based on this model is futile. That is why over 1 billion people worldwide remain in chronic pain. Hundred of millions worldwide are now addicted to prescription pain medication. Lives have been destroyed through divorce, depression and suicide all because you are being falsely led to believe that the cause of your symptoms can be identified and treated through the “medical” system.

The truth is that your symptoms are more related to a fitness deficit. The issue is that the force output of your muscles is not enough to address the force requirements of your daily activities. Gravity’s force is causing your muscles to have to work at a certain force capacity to allow you to perform functional activities without symptom. If all the appropriate muscles are not strong enough, you get symptoms.

The only way you will ever resolve your symptoms is through the recognition that the cause is a fitness based issue and something that can be addressed through the medical system. The best part of this understanding is that you then recognize that the ability to resolve your symptoms and return you to full functional capacity is within your own capacity. You do not need any assistance from the medical establishment and in fact any assistance you get is most likely to prevent you from resolving your symptoms.

Get the Yass method. The only method that sees all potential causes of symptoms and starts with the premise that in most cases the cause of symptoms is fitness based, not medically based. For more information about the Yass Method go to my website at or my Youtube or Facebook pages: Dr. Mitchell Yass. To contact me directly with questions or to make an appointment for treatment email med at

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