Your symptoms are emitted by the tissue in distress

You must understand that the symptoms you experience are actually being emitted by the tissue in distress. It is its attempt to create awareness of the distress so an intervention can be performed to resolve the distress of the tissue. Just as pain at the left chest and arm is a symptom of the heart in distress (heart attack), lower back pain can result from the kidney in distress (kidney stone), pain at the upper back can result from the lung in distress (pneumonia), the same concept holds true for the neck, back and extremities. Therefore to identify the tissue in distress, the only true and accurate mechanism is to interpret the symptoms being experienced. The MRI ignores symptoms. As most people know when you go to a specialist there is no discussion of the symptoms, only a discussion of the results of the MRI. What is frightening is the fact that in almost every case i have treated where an MRI identified a structural variation like a herniated disc, stenosis or arthritis, the presentation of symptoms could never have been created by the identified structural variation. That is to say that the interpretation of the symptoms proved that the structural variation could not cause the symptoms. Any treatment to the structural variation would not alter the symptoms at all. That is why treatments performed through the existing model are seen as ineffective and unsuccessful.

The Yass Method is the only method designed to interpret the symptoms being experienced to identify the tissue emitting them.
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