Woman drives 6 hours in severe pain to be cured by the Yass method. Now it’s your turn!

This is a testimonial from a woman who decided to drive 6 hours in severe pain just be treated through the Yass method. When asked by friends upon returning home “wasn’t there a local practitioner you can go to for treatment to resolve your symptoms. She said “He is the only one  I trust to resolve my symptoms“.


I am a 62 year old, healthy woman who started having low back pain.  There was no unusual twisting, heavy lifting or fall, just PAIN.  I walk several miles everyday, chase grandchildren and live an active life. 

I tried the traditional medical approach which included steroids by mouth, muscle relaxers, physical therapy and an MRI.  Seems as if, surgery was my only option.  Not good…

By chance I met Dr Mitchell Yass. This man has a passion for his craft, he exudes confidence and he had me convinced I could get pain relieve and get back to my normal life.  At my worst point, I could not take a step without incredible pain. I called Dr. Yass, who lives some 6 hours away and told him I was on the way.  I arrived and spent 3-4 hours a day with him for 4 days.   Dr. Yass did not need the MRI or any other reports I had.  He LISTENED to me!  He had me describe the pain, where it was an what helped it, if anything.  I could see the lights go on over his head. He knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. Those 4 days changed my life. No surgery and no pain…

I do the exercises he gave me religiously and am still pain free.

I stay in touch with Dr Yass, every now and then my shoulder might hurt, maybe a headache — he can work wonders on those areas as well. 

I cannot say enough about this non traditional treatment. Mostly it works!!!                  Dianne G. 

Now it is time for you to jump ship from the existing medical establishment regardless of the type of specialty of the practitioner you are seeing. The system bases your diagnosis on findings from an MRI. The results are baseless whether a herniated disc, stenosis, pinched nerve, meniscal tear or alike are identified. These structural variations although identified at the time you had pain because the test is always taken when you have pain were there for years or decades before your pain began. If an MRI were taken before your pain began, the results would have been identical. And if the structural variation was there before your pain began how can it be construed to be the cause of the pain. The Yass method is the only method that bucks this false and invalid method and interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms which is exactly the body wants the cause to be identified. Pain and other symptoms are actually part of the body’s emergency protective system to warn you when a tissue is not functioning properly. Whether muscle, bone or nerve, a unique presentation of symptoms is created based on the type of tissue in distress. The goal of diagnostics is to properly identify the tissue in distress so the distress of the tissue is resolved thereby ending the need for the emergency signal to be emitted and the symptoms simply cease. If you have been diagnosed with a structural variation as the cause of your pain and after a procedure including surgery, the pain or other symptoms exist, it is a red flag that the wrong tissue was treated.

Take the time to learn about what pain is and why it is emitting. Learn about how to properly identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms so the right treatment can be performed to end the need for the symptoms to be emitted. It is time for you to learn about the Yass method. End your symptoms, regain your functional capacity and reclaim your life! Please share this with somebody suffering with chronic pain.

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