Video Evidence- Improved walking and stair climbing with the Yass Method!!

This is an example of what can be accomplished with the Yass Method. This gentleman came for 3 days of treatment after having 8 months of physical therapy. This first video shows how he started his treated with the Yass Method. Notice how unstable he is and how he will not put any weight on the right foot. This causes him to fall to the left. His complaint was that he cannot walk for any distance requiring the use of a cane and also could not walk up stairs without holding on and using a cane. Going down stairs he was able to walk step over step and needed to only move one step at a time also with a handrail and cane.

Now after 3 days of treatment through the Yass Method targeting the muscles responsible for normal function which were identified as weak with this gentleman look at the difference in walking. Notice how he puts equal weight on the right leg and left leg. Notice how he keeps his shoulders over his hips with very little sway and notice how more comfortable he is in his balance and stability that he is now swinging his arms. We actually walked more than he had in years in testing how well his endurance had improved from this improved ability to be stable and efficient in walking.



Now look at Ed walking the stairs. Notice how easy it is for him without the use of a cane. Also notice that he is now walking step over step down the stairs; not step to step. All of this improvement in just 3 days with the Yass Method.



If you are having difficulty with functional tasks such as walking, kneeling, standing, stair climbing, etc, the only chance you have of returning to normal function is understanding which muscles are not working correctly and perform progressive resistance exercise to return the strength of these muscles to a point where they can perform your activities without breaking down. NO OTHER TREATMENT WILL RETURN YOU TO NORMAL FUNCTION. If you are being told the cause of your symptoms associated with dysfunction is structural in nature like herniated discs, stenosis, pinched nerves, neuropathy, arthritis, bone-on-bone, a torn mensicus, labrum or rotator cuff tear, you are being misled. Even if it is thought to be the cause of muscle, without the understanding of how to determine the muscles involved and then knowing how to perform the isolated strength training techniques with the use of progressive resistance which causes the muscles to get stronger to the point where their force output is greater than the force requirements of the activities being performed, you will never see your symptoms resolved or your function returned. Ed had 8 months of physical therapy and look where he was when he started with the Yass Method.

The medical system cannot address these types of circumstances because the cause of these circumstances is fitness based; not medical based. In more than 95% of cases, the cause of your symptoms is muscular. Without this understanding and the understanding of how to correct these muscular deficits your pain will remain chronic and your ability to function forever diminished. The Yass Method is completely unique and outside the medical system. It can be utilized either in-person or by Skype or other forms of teleconferencing. The key here is that when it is identified that the cause of your symptoms and dysfunction is muscular, only you can improve your strength; no medical treatment can do this for you. That is why with only a small level of guidance and treatment, you will be empowered to achieve your goal of a pain-free fully functional life. For most of the people I have come across, the only ones that said they had less pain were those who were instructed or took it upon themselves to reduce the force output of their activities by simply doing less. I am pretty sure that was not your intent when you decided to seek medical attention to address your situation. Get the Yass Method and get the results you desire in the shortest period of time. For more information or to make an appointment you can reach me at my email address:


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