My publisher is now running their annual World Summit. They get together 100 of the worlds experts in a variety of areas of healthy living including nutrition, spirituality, psychic healing, plus others. The Yass Method and its ability to diagnose and treat chronic pain is being highlighted this year. This is the fourth year of the World Summits and more than 2 million people from 125 countries have participated in the past 3 years.

I am honored to be a part of the World Summit as it has become one of the singular most important events in bringing people information that you can’t typically find from the established medical world in terms of healing and living a healthier more productive life. My interview will be presented during the 4th series of lectures starting May 22.

To register for the event, you simply have to click on the attached link. registering is free and simply requires providing a name and email address. Listening to the interviews is free as well. If you want to purchase the interviews as lessons to be revisited, that is possible.

please register and see who is participating in the event and what they are all talking about. And of course, listen to my lecture/interview starting May 22. the interviews are one hour long. In my case, I am confident you will see why the Yass Method stands alone as the best way to end your pain and give you the path to a pain-free fully functional life. See you there.